Bartlett Officers Did NOT Shoot Man In Memphis

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(Bartlett, TN) Bartlett Police Chief Gary Rikard says one of his officers did not shoot a suspect when they served a warrant in Memphis, rather it was a bullet from another suspects gun that hit the man.

The information came out during the Memphis Police Department’s investigation into the March 5 incident.

Marcus Allen was shot in the hip as Bartlett officers tried to service a warrant for drugs.

Rikard says Lontrelle Green accidentally shot Allen during the raid.

Bartlett police officers said Green pointed a gun at them so they fired ten shots but did not his either man

All officers involved has been returned to duty.

Most cities and towns in our area have agreements that allow another law enforcement agency to serve a warrant in their jurisdiction with prior notice.


  • IWishUWould

    WOOWWW!!!!! what a bunch of crock of ___________ sounds like a cover up to me.. It’s really sad when we have crooks on bought ends,, Memphis is doomed…. Crooks on the streets and crooks who suppose to protect us….

    • Pete A.t

      I wish you would learn how to construct simple sentences

      crooks on “bought” ends ” crooks suppose to protect us”

      Let me help you. Crooks on “both” ends, and crooks” that are

      supposed” to protect us.

      I’m guessing you learned your grammar skills at a Memphis City School.

  • jonathan

    Don’t believe that is was an accident. These cops in shelby county tn are the most corrupt in the US; let’s not to forget memphis dirty bunch.

  • whoyoukiddin

    You all sound like a bunch of crooks yourself. Why don’t you wonder why the Bartlett cops fired about 10 shots total, but didn’t hit either suspect. I think it is time they go back to the shooting range and learn how to shoot.

    • Not Sure

      They go into a house fire 10 shots and no one was hit. They definately need some more training, because what they have had did not work. We are not talking about shooting a pistol at 25 to 50 yards but in a house.

  • rperry

    If the officers really fired 10 shots and missed all the bad guys then they need to be fired for being such bad shots.


    It is so funny how so many people in this town jumped on the band wagon when it was reported that an officers shot the poor armed drug dealer. And now that the officers were cleared by their departments, DA, and other local and federal agencies, You still want to jump on the officers. Lets not forget about the armed convicted felons that were selling drugs. I suggest that if you don’t agree with the way laws are enforced in your city, you get an application, pass the tests, complete the academy, put the badge and a vest on and do the job better. Now if your not willing to do that maybe you should shut up and thank the men and woman that do.

  • Journalism?

    I find it really troubling that in the rush to grab a headline responsible journalism is thrown out the window. Things should not be reporter as facts until they are verified. The graphic on the email alert says, “Bartlett SWAT Team Members Shoot Drug Suspect.” They don’t even bother with qualifying it as “allegedly shoot.” Then you want to correct your irresponsible journalism with the ridiculous headline of, “Bartlett Officers Dif NOT Shoot Man in Memphis.” Really?? You have a responsibility to accurately and ethically report the news not to create a sensationalist story and further add to tensions in our troubled city. Get it right or don’t bother!

  • RBB

    I find that disturbing that they fired 10 times and never hit the suspect .. do they not have a firing range to practice on, and if so why are they having so much trouble hitting one man.?

  • Todd

    Hey George Brown, Why is WREG’s Stephanie Scurlock not reaching out to Wanda Halbert to follow up on her divisive Facebook post when this was first reported on? WREG felt the need to report on how a Memphis City Council member was accusing a police officer from the suburbs acting like a vigilante by crossing an invisible line and firing on a citizen of Memphis. Now that the truth has been presented I guess there is nothing to sensationalize.

  • BigDadddy88

    If anyone believes that they didnt shoot this guy, I have some ocean property in Wyoming I can sell. you. Cops taking up for cops. Bartlett cops are trigger and scared to go in the hood. So they shoot. And the naysayers are cops. Or have family that is cops. Please. ” Yep we didnt shoot him. My trigger happy SWAT team cant hit the side of a barn, So we did nothing wrong” That is the response from BPD. Dont believe everything u read.

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