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Officer: If You Become A Father, Stand Up And Take Responsibility

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(Memphis) The MidSouth leads the nation when it comes to children being raised without their fathers.

In some of our neighborhoods, 82 percent of households are run by a single parent.

A Memphis police officer is hoping to change things by talking to young men about the importance of taking responsibility if they become fathers.

Meiangelo Taylor is trying to be a father-figure to those who are fatherless.

"I grew up without my father, always had my mother,” said 19-year-old Courtney Washington.

Taylor knows what that's like, "For the most part, I was raised by my grandparents or my mom on her own.”

The Memphis police officer was raised by a mom struggling with addiction and yearned as a child for a father who wasn't exactly there, “I think that's a big reason for the crime we have in our city.”

He's now spending much of his free time trying to heal young, fatherless men so they don't grow up to do the same thing.

"He taught us the fatherhood initiative,” said Washington.

Taylor created a program for young men called Men ROAR (Restoring Order, Attitudes and Responsibility).

It's a five-week program that he leads for free.

Young men join with the only benefit being learning how to be the father they never had.

“And show them a childhood that I never got,” said Washington.

“My motto is being present is one of the most precious and priceless, perfect gifts of father can give this child,” said Taylor. “If they would just be present and stand-up and be there for their child, I believe that our crime rate would drop tremendously in the city.”

He says fathers are needed for discipline, structure and guidance, what's missing for many in the MidSouth, where in some neighborhoods, eight out of ten children are living without their dads.

“At 19 years of age, I had two children by two different women,” said Taylor.

Taylor's hoping he can share his story so young men don't make his mistakes or their fathers'.

“With education and encouragement, we can help change the next generation.”

He’s teaching men that the best present they can offer their child is their presence.

If you know a young man that might benefit from Taylor's workshop, or if you want to help with his mission, you can call him at 901-288-8252 or email him at


  • hateliberalcommies

    I can say that I have been there for my son from day 1,was there watching him being born right on up till now,,he is 17 years old. My wife and I have been married 22 years and going strong..

    • Steve

      20 bucks says that MissTee is a black single mom and a democrat., with and EBT card. And of course she is between jobs, who goes to church every Sunday with all of her single mom friends and they all adore Obama.

  • Memphis

    I wish this guy was available before i left my son hanging..Its been 10yrs since i’ve seen my son..cant even tell ya what he looks like..

  • Mercer

    Thats great Meiangelo Taylor. But wouldn’t it be a lot easier for Fathers to be in in their kids life’s if the family court/child support industry just allowed it?

  • Les63

    Great program! Men need to be husbands before they become fathers. We have a president that does absolutely nothing to promote the value of marriage and the importance of a child having BOTH their mother AND father in the home. Hopefully Officer Taylor can make an impact but don’t expect any help from Obama & Co. His priorities are abortions and gays. Not a home where mom and dad are married.


      Actually, Obama gives the strongest endorsement of traditional solid family structure by demonstrating one. But then he straddles the fence and bends over backwards politicking for the idea of surviving with just pieces of a family. Almost good leadership lost in compromise, contributes to the decaying morals of our society.
      We sure need more real men in This era to stand to do and for doing what only real men can do. . . . Take care of the family. Good for officer M.Taylor.

    • MissTee

      You had a strong start with this comment, then immediately devolved into idiocy. Obama is a much better example of a father and husband than you could be. Partly because he does not teach his kids to be hateful. His ‘focus’ is not on ‘abortion and gays’, and you are just spewing toxic cruelty. I HOPE you don’t have kids. We have enough hateful people in the world.

      • Les63

        He stands before Planned Parenthood congratulating them on their good works. I would say that is supporting abortions. He ran for his position saying he believed marriage was between one man and one woman. He was obviously lying to get elected. No hate. Just fact.

      • Terrie

        Yes we do have enough hateful people in this wrold and YOU Misst are one of them. Not to mention all the others women with 5 babies from 5 babies daddys’ that also are hateful.

      • Les63

        And by the way MissTee, I didn’t mention gays and abortions to make them the focus of this story. My POINT was Obama is loud and proud when it comes to these issues and deafingly silent on marriage and the importance it has in raising well adjusted, responsible, self sufficient, educated, ethical children. He ignores the #1 thing all children need!!

    • Terrie

      Yes this is a great program. I hope many more come along like it. THIS needs to be done. Much luck to Mr. Taylor

  • Onelessthugtopickupafter

    It’s a noble effort that has been tried and failed for many years. Deadbeat dads is part of the culture and there is plenty of blame to go around. Single moms who raise their daughters to become single moms and they raise their sons to be deadbeat dads while the deadbeat dads are no where to be found. You will find homes where Grandma, Auntie, and the daughters, all are single parents. Do the preachers address this on Sunday morning, hell no. Not when 80 percent of the moms in the church are single moms. You don’t wanna bite the hand that feeds you. Sadly, this is the way of most of the black folks in Memphis and It has been this way for a long long time. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

      • Littleton

        MissTee, , is all upset. Love the sinner MIssTee, remember what our Savior Jesus taught us. I will pray for you to not judge others. God bless.

  • Memphis

    After 10yrs of not being in my son life i have made the decision to finally step up & be a MAN…Im going to be there for him as soon as he comes home from jail..

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Talking about getting these young men to stand up and be a father to the child they have brought into this world. What about talking to the girls about having a baby for these guys “will not” tie him to you no longer than the act itself. I’ve seen so many cases where the young lady felt that if have his baby then I will have him the rest of my life, in my life. It really doesn’t work that way, so we might want to speak with the young ladies about their responsibility as well. I support young men stepping up to the plate and taking care of their responsibilities, but it takes two to make a baby in the context of this article (nothing artificial here).

  • Les63

    Yes Obama supports gays and abortions. But you never hear him supporting MARRIAGE! Especially BEFORE having kids. It would be great if he spoke up in favor of a complete family half as much (or at all) as he does the rest of his “agenda”. It is a proven fact children from a home where mom and dad are together are less likely to live in poverty. But he wants us to be the Welfare States of America. The majority (not all) of these women would rather collect a check from Uncle Obama and get free (from us) services than marry the fathers of their children. It is disgraceful.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      The President shouldn’t have to be doing what these parents should be doing! Why don’t you start at the City and States level, Governors and Mayors, Churches, etc. You first have to have parents that are good examples for their kids. It doesn’t make for a good parent when they are having babies for five or six guys in front of their sons and daughters who then go out and repeat this same behavior. Parenting starts in the home and not in the White House, or at least that’s where it started when I was growing up. Stop making excuses for the boys and girls who participate in these situations, Start putting a limit on how many kids the state/government will help take care of and watch your problem go away.

  • Keepin it 2 Truth

    Five kids by six different fathers(who are all in jail),mother’s sisters and brothers all have different fathers,uncles and aunts all have different fathers…it’s a trend in the Black community.Fathering kids so that you can brag that you screwed this chick or whatever.Or so you can get a piece of the welfare check to buy Newports and 40 ounce bottles of beer.Standing on the corner…you wouldn’t work even if a job chained itself to you.Men need to be fathers and not BabyDaddies.A child is only as good as his/her father.(Ki2T)

    • Les63

      You are absolutely right! How about having pride and self-respect in yourself. The black community hasn’t always been this way. How about being proud to be a husband or a wife. Baby momma and baby daddy are just other words for trash. And that goes for whites just as much as blacks.

      • Terrie

        NO, mostly blacks & you know Im right. The women of thes girls need to be spoken to as well. Can’t “Lead by example” so they need someone else & NOT family

  • Monica

    It’s sad this article is all about dead beat dads. What about the females? More men have stepped up and done what is right. My fiance is the better parent between him and his ex-wife and yet she has the kids more. The court system is screwed up all together and should let the good dads have the kids and quit putting all men in one category.

  • Michael Washington

    Has anybody taken the time to check the background on this man? Women need to stop being vulnerable to every Tom, Rick and Harpo who wants to be apart of their children’s lives. What can he teach these young men in such a short time that is life sustaining for them to be better fathers. It takes a MAN to mentor young men not a badge that preys on vulnerable mothers. Someone needs to check his disciplinary files at the MPD to see what type of officer he is. A person job performance usually dictates what type of person they are. I feel he is just come-up and using fatherless boys to get a nonprofit started. Women be careful who you trust your boys with.

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