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Woman Stealing Credit Cards From Panera Customers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Germantown, TN) The woman looks more like a grandmother than a criminal, but police say she is a bold thief hitting her victims for over a year.

The crook is targeting customers at one specific restaurant.

Once she gets your credit card, she is able to make fake licenses.

Germantown Police believe she does it all in a matter of minutes.

She is swiping cards and taking names, one customer at a time at the Panera bread on Poplar Ave. in Germantown.

Police say the woman stole Collierville resident Donna Freeman's wallet when she left her purse at the table to refill her drink.

"When I did that, the person got my wallet out of my bag," Freeman said.

Within an hour, the woman racked up thousands of dollars on the stolen credit cards.

"In total, it was about $7,000," Freeman added.

The same thing happened last year to a woman WREG spoke with in Panera's parking lot, Linda Fisk.

"They took my wallet. I had it on the back of the chair," Fisk said. "She had already started charging within 20 minutes of when we left."

While Fisk believes the person who swiped her wallet was a different person than the lady police are now looking for, she still thinks the restaurant needs to make changes.

"They have no cameras past where you check out. I think they need to have cameras all through the store!"

In a statement the company said, "We are cooperating with the authorities, providing them full access to the film footage from the security cameras located in our cafe."

WREG asked police if they have a reason this woman is only targeting Panera customers, they said they did not know.

Anyone who thinks they know who the woman is should call the Germantown Police Department CrimeStoppers number at (901) 757-2274.


  • Frank

    RACIST!!!!!! You are out of your mind! Why is it that anything that happens around here has to be racist?? Geeze!


    Just another trifflin rat indeed!
    Hang her by her tail, maybe somebody’s property will fall out

  • Wisdom

    I love it when “they” are slapped in the face with their own racism and hypocrisy. These people clearly thought that criminals only exist in every race except their own. I can’t even walk them in the grocery store without them grabbing their purse or their kids. I really have to hold myself back from saying, “Excuse you? You have nothing of value I want or am willing to serve jail time for, espcially not your snotty-nosed, whining, disrespectful little brats.”

    • Memphisisdangerous

      Better to be slapped in the face than gunned down in a drive by shooting in Whitehaven, Orange Mound, Frayser, Hickory HIll, etc.

    • Jim Williams

      You are showing signs of being dangerously paranoid, interpreting the unspoken thoughts of others to mean something negative toward yourself when it “happens all the time.” Besides, if you were honest, you would not say the only reason you do not steal is fear of arrest, rather than your personal integrity.

      As to your paranoia, you can obtain help through a competent
      mental treatment program in the hands of a psychiatrist.

  • David Carter

    (Gee) I totally agree with you. These people will never change. They will stay the same until they die. Accept it and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  • Terrie

    @Gee – Yes, because she is not black is why she doesn’t look like a typical criminal. Hard to swallow isn’t it? No assumptions here. Just the truth.

    2nd your 1st and 2nd statement was identical to each other. (?)

    • chastitymccray

      I have to agree with Terrie on this one. When the story first aired last night, the newscaster said, and I quote “Does this person look like a thief to you?” That set the tone for the public to make their own interpretations of the person in question. Had that person been black – no matter how she was dressed, the story would have begun an entirely different way. The media is crafty at what they do. But, my first reaction when the story aired and that question was asked was, “Yes, she does look like a criminal. And I added to that, did Bernie Madoff look like a criminal to you? No, and he was entrusted with billions that he essentially Madoff (Made Off) with.”

      Just my $0.02

      • Jana

        You are exactly right. The question, “Does this person look like a thief to you?” does insinuate that a elderly white person can not be a thief as if there is no way for some one that fit her profile to be involved in any criminal act. There are just as many criminals that are elder or nonelderly white as there are black or any other race and they have been around for years. The difference now is that more and more white people are getting caught doing crimes like these and others because they are now going through like everyone else. People of every race is suffering and trying to make ends meet any way that they can. While some are just feeding their habit and never planned on getting caught they’ve become careless based on other issues that are going on thinking that no one would suspect someone that look like her. Everyone is a suspect now days and being looked at.

      • Terrie

        There are just as many criminals that are elder or nonelderly white as there are black or any other race and they have
        @ Jana –DEAR GOD WOAMN! CAN YOU NOT COUNT!? Just as many as blacks? No You’re wrong. There are more, in fact, I can honestly say, “the majority” of crimes in Memphis are committed by blacks. And one of the reasons this keeps happening is because blacks are too scared to say who done it! Tho they saw everything, they turn their cowardly backs and try to say they are the victims of a harsh life. I’m so sick of hearing blacks whine about how bad they had it, got it, will have it, does have it, did have it and why aint it free!
        Making ends meet or not – stealing/killing is still morally and legally WRONG!

      • Sam

        You do realize that the greater Memphis area is mostly inhabited by black people so it stands to reason that most of the crime in the area would be committed by black people. An area inhabited by mostly white people will have its crimes commited by mostly white people. Heck, I’m willing to be that the crime commited on an Native American reservation is commited by Native Americans.

  • mr.matt

    Im proud this is the only white criminal wreg3 could dig up. im sure some black person will kill somebody in the next few days SEPARATE BUT PEACEFUL

  • D'mar

    Why do people steal…IDK, but I know one day there won’t be any more stealing. Anyone feel fire to ask me that and I can prove it to u from a well known trustworthy source

  • Mercy

    Its not about race at all. This just shows how corrupt humanity is continuing to be. The bible spoke of everything that’s happening, has happened, and will happen. Wake up people. Stop basing everything on race. Every race has people that are ignorant. Their actions define them.

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