Woman Runs Over Fiance, Drags Him 100 Feet

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(Memphis) A North Memphis woman is in jail, accused of running over her fiancé and dragging his body 100 feet down the road.

Alicia Revas is charged with the crime that happened near Macon Road and Victor Street in the Wells Station area.

Police say Revas ran over her fiancé at her apartment complex parking lot dragging his body to the stop sign at Macon Road.

“She was trying to hit him and then she just ran him over,” said one of their neighbors.

The neighbor didn't want to show his face but says he heard the commotion.

“All I heard was the screeching of the tires, the swerving and everything,” said the man. “That`s all I heard and screaming of the lady.”

He says Revas was screaming because she was angry; angry at her fiancé.

Sunday, WREG saw her fiancé coming home from the hospital barely able to walk.

He told us he is lucky his legs are not broken.

He also said he is dealing with the Department of Human Services which has taken custody of a baby he had with Revas.

Revas is facing prison time for running him over.

Neighbors say they were already concerned about potential problems in the home.

“Every night he is standing out there smoking and has a beer and everything,” said Neighbor Alejandra Amador. “The man, he is drinking a lot.”

“I think she just had enough and just snapped,” said the other neighbor.

The neighbor says abuse and alcohol may have played a part in why Revas lost it, “There is definitely two sides to the story.”

It’s a story that ended with a man in pain, a woman in jail and their infant son in the care of a family member.

Stepherson's Food Store on Macon Road caught the whole incident on surveillance camera and handed it over to police.

Revas is charged with aggravated assault and being held on a $25,000 bond.


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