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Harding Students Create ‘Happy In Memphis’ Video

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(Memphis) Students at Harding Academy say they were inspired by Pharrell’s hit song, ‘Happy’ and wanted to make a video about being happy in Memphis.

The students went to well known areas around Memphis for their video shoot.

On their YouTube channel they wrote, “Some people choose to complain about Memphis, but we think it’s pretty awesome.”

They urge you to share their video with someone who makes you happy, using #happyinMemphis



  • KDay

    Absolutely LOOOOOVE this video. It’s so nice to see everyone with such a positive attitude, and it’s real neat you used places that everyone in Memphis has either seen or been to.

  • Big Daddy

    “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.”

    Happy is the man who obeys God and keeps His commands.

    Happy is the man who is corrected by God.

    Happy is the man who cares for the poor.

    Happy is he who loves God more than money, power, prestige or the praises of men.

    Happy is the servant whom the Master finds doing as he was told when that Master returns.


    (Ps 144:15, Dt 33:29, 1 Kg 10:8, 2 Chron 9:7, Job 5:17; Ps 128:2, Ps 146:5, Pr 16:20).

    Harding Academy is all about THAT kind of ‘Happy’!

  • Michelle Hrabak

    I’ve watched Pharrell’s video so many times, and this Memphis/Harding one was just adorable! I laughed and smiled through it all! Great job, guys!!

  • laqua

    Loved the video. Young Pherrell was adorable. And the little girl going in circles while the mascot clapped put the biggest smile on my face. They did a great job on this video. Im happy!!! :-)

  • Presley

    Loved the video! Will someone please tell me where the painting (a map perhaps?) that the little Pherrell was next to in a couple scenes?

  • Julia Tucker

    Loved this! Especially loved the outdoor amphitheater where my sweetheart took me on our first date without another couple for a performance of classical music. 54 years ago!

  • Patty Bloodgood Armstrong

    This video is wonderful………I am sharing it with relatives in New York, Arizona, Las Vegas, Oregon, Utah, Missouri, etc……….They have asked about Memphis. Now maybe, they will really want to visit & enjoy our Southern hospitality. I graduated from the old Messick High School in 1972 & I sort of relived some of my school days for a minute or two. By the way, the famous Jerry’s Sno Cream Castle on Wells Station in Nutbush is two blocks from my sister & we have walked with our children holding their hands, chasing them & letting them walk alone for over 30 years. I am proud to be a part of Memphis……..God Bless the Children.

  • BecauseI'mHappy!!

    Love the video; love the song!! People ought to focus on being happy and smiling more often instead of scowling!! Great job young people; thanks for the video!!

  • T. Jones

    This was soooooooooooo good. It’s good to see kids doing something creative. You guys should send this to the guy that actually did this song I bet he would love it. And the lil guy does kinda look like him :-o. Good job guys Loved it. Gotta watch it again :-)

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