DeSoto Supervisors Outlaw E-Cigarettes in County Buildings

(Hernando, MS) Serenia Young says people come into her Southaven smoke shop non-stop these days.

According to Young, they’re looking for the latest in electronic cigarettes, ”They’re just booming everywhere We average anywhere between 50 to 100 or so every day.”

So many people are turning away from regular tobacco products and toward these so-called “vapor cigarettes” that even the old tobacco companies have invested in e-cigarettes.

Supporters of electronic cigarettes point out they contain no tobacco and are seem healthier in comparison to regular cigarettes.

Many people in office settings want to be able smoke while they work.

Monday, DeSoto County Supervisors turned thumbs down to the newfangled smokes in County buildings.

”We had some requests from people who want to smoke those, I guess it’s a vapor, at their desks,” said DeSoto Supervisor Mark Gardner.

Supervisors say until the Federal Food and Drug Administration studies e-cigarettes and comes up with guidelines, they’ll treat them like regular cigarettes.

”Our obvious concern is if there’s any harmful carcinogens or any thing of that nature that might impact your co workers,” Gardner explained.

Meantime, people looking for more flavor and less smoke say, they’ll keep puffing on the new products.

”I think it’s here to stay. I hope it is. I feel like it will be,” said Young.