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Arkansas State Crews Plan on Patching Potholes This Week

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(West Memphis, AR) After an arctic storm that hit Arkansas a couple of weeks back, roads have become a real mess.

"This is pretty bad here," said one driver. "It's all potholes. You can't even count them all!"

Potholes are tearing up cars and emptying wallets.

This winter, extreme temperature swings have made it one of the worst pothole seasons yet, and West Memphis is no exception.

The Arkansas Highway Department is expected to start repairs this week.

More significant damages, like broken guard rails, kept crews busy.

Now, they'll hit I-40 and I-55 first, and then fix exit ramps and state roads like Martin Luther King Drive, North 7th Street and North Missouri Street.

The city's public works department said recently, it's only received complaints about one pothole, and it's been fixed.

If you would like to report a pothole on city roads: call (870) 732-7580.

If you would like to report a problem on state highways and roads: http://www.idrivearkansas.com/contact/report-a-problem/