NAACP Freedom Gala

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This month, the Memphis Branch of the NAACP will hold its 38th Annual Freedom Fund Gala.

The theme, "We Shall Not Be Moved" they say after all these years, and are as resolved as ever to fight, for human rights.

Rev. Keith Norman is President of the organization.

  • NAACP Freedom Fund Gala
  • Thursday, March 20      7 p.m.
  • Memphis Cook Convention Center Ballroom
  • (901) 521-1343


  • Thomas H. Evans

    I have a great deal of respect for Reverend Norman, but when asked this morning if the times for the NAACP were behind us, his answer was strange to say the least. He stated that when things come about, this is when the NAACP springs into action. I believe there are enough things taking place now that should have the attention of the NAACp, teen crime comes to mind. If the NAACP and SCLC, along with the other thousand of ministers in this town took this task on, and took it serious perhaps something could be done. As we have seen in Fraser, a couple of BBQ’s will not get it done. We need to do a full court press, Police and D. A. included to get a hand on this; but if the NAACP is looking for something to do, please start here.

  • Sickofcrickets

    Why is it that the naacp is always on defense? we shall not be moved? who is trying to move you? who’s human rights are you trying to fight for? You’re on T.V. or radio spouting that you are fighting for rights but crime in the neighborhoods is at WARZONE level. What about the “rights” of those people living in those neighborhoods having to deal with it? And by the way,,,these “BBQ’s” haven’t done one thing to even slow the crime rate down. Just more grandstanding here at the expense of the tax paying citizens….

  • Soul Beat

    I have been saying for a long time NAACP is a joke for blacks. They stand and help other people of color more than black folks. People got to understand the NAACP leaders have become supersatrs they want to grand stand with they big time galas. That is where all the big whos’s who show off for each other while our kids kill each other. If you look at our black leaders its all about who grandstand the best but then turn around and say all wee need to do with our youth is lock them up. Some of our leaders are no better than some whites not all but some. You know the bad part is there are some whites in this town that care about black kids more than some of our leaders.

  • midtown mike

    Some of the big wigs in the NAACP may have advanced to wearing spiffy clothes and jewelry or driving an Escalade to some $500 a plate fundraiser, but collectively I haven’t seen any advancement for colored people with the exception of affirmative action.

  • LaDarius


    I say, the problems in our communities can be traced to the youth populace (from birth to 18 years of age). This is the time when a human gains the most knowledge. It is also the time when morals, ideals, values and character are formed. If there is someone in the community that is causing problems, breaking the law and disregarding the freedoms of others, it can be traced to the poor education and training during those earlier years of life. Therefore, in order to rectify any problems in a community that will produce long-term results, the youth in the area should be addressed. I further state that the solution, in educating the young people, is to have key community leaders (representing the local churches, schools, and government) be appointed. It does no good to have a mayor, police force or other personnel attempting to correct problems from the outside. The individuals that live in the community must come forward. Would it not be BEST for each locale to have their own people guiding the community? We here in Memphis do not want people in Nashville, Knoxville telling us what to do. We do not want people in Ohio making laws for Tennessee. We do not allow foreign citizens to make laws in our USA country. Why should we be any different in our communities?

    The solution to our problems lay in OUR hands. We must step forward, volunteer, help in any way that we can. The Frayser BBQ idea is great, we need more efforts like this. However, these actions will go nowhere unless they are supported by the community. Rather than pointing fingers to accuse others, point your finger to guide others in the right direction. Educate and mentor our young people, this is the key.

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