Deputies Respond After Tunica Teen Is Accused of Murdering, Cyberstalking Classmate

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(Tunica, MS) There are new details about a Tunica teenager shot and killed a few feet from his home, reportedly by his classmate.

The teen's mother said she told deputies his accused killer and Rosa Fort High classmate, 17-year-old Cortez Bass, talked about killing her son on social media for months, but nothing was done.

Cortez is charged with murder and cyberstalking.

Deputies say Bass posted on social media how he was going to kill Donterrius Jackson, but were only told about it twice.

"Miss Jackson has come to file a report with us twice in November and December," said Commander Cedric Davis with the Tunica Sheriff's Office.

WREG obtained a copy of those reports and found out Bass was arrested for cyberstalking in December and spent eight days in the Juvenile Detention Center.

Donterrius's mother, Linda Jackson, said the posts continued and got more detailed.

She said she continued to tell deputies what was going on, "I went over there time after time after time. I called and emailed. I did my part as a mother to protect my son, but the system failed us."

Deputies are still investigating, gathering clues from Facebook and trying to find out where Bass got the gun.

"It's possible he received the weapon from a 15-year-old," said Davis.

In the meantime, Linda Jackson is trying to start a program to stop youth violence and she feels for the parents of the teen accused accusing of killing her son.

She said it's what her 17-year-old son would have wanted, "My heart is so broken. It's so heavy. I really feel sorry for them two. Not only did I lose my son. She lost hers."

Bass is being held at the Tunica County Jail on a $1 million dollar bond.


  • Jonas

    The Sheriff Department and Police Department do nothing to prevent crime. They only do something after a crime is committed. This is a senseless act. My prayers go out to the family of Mr. Jackson.

    • Senor Orwell

      You’re right! SO RIGHT!! We should start a government office dedicated to stopping criminals BEFORE they commit crimes! We could call it something catchy like “The Office of Pre-Crime Detection and Detention”. Let’s get on that. So.American.

  • snowdemoncorrectorandhateruh

    Young man whatever what was in your head between you and this young man was NOT worth you taking this young brothers life. This senseless murder has ruined the victim’s family as well as your own. You were/are. A weak senstive simp and now you gotta pay the cost for spilling blood unjustly.

  • mr.matt

    the thing about a crime prevention program is that it will be called racist for all the people it targets

  • Brenda Bernstein

    Handsome young man was probably smart and all the girls liked him so the hood thug for no other reason than jealously killed him. Feral beast.

  • Go-Go Gorilla

    It could be true. You’d be surprised at what motivates people to do the things they do. Jealousy is the prime motivating factor in more cases than you can imagine. I see both men and women getting attacked ALL THE TIME (verbally and/or physically) for what they have, whether that be looks, personality, or just being different than what’s available at the moment.

  • Joe Bo

    These stupid kids think it it make them powerful to pick up a gun and kill an unarmed person. This is the pure cowardly, it shows this murderers own boyish fear.

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