Pepsi Lays Off Dozens Of Collierville Employees

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(Collierville) Dozens of Pepsi employees showed up for work Thursday morning, only to find out their jobs no longer existed.

PepsiCo in Collierville decided to drop its entire bottling operation immediately.

News Channel 3 received numerous calls from some long-time employees who said they had no warning this was coming.

A trip to the facility showed there was little to no activity at the company on Byhalia Road in Collierville.

However, the head of Teamsters Local 984 told us what it was like when employees showed up for work this morning.

"Well devastating. You report to work normally like you've been doing for 20 years or so and then they tell you we no longer are going to operate the place," said Terry Lovan, Teamsters Local 984.

Terry Lovan says long-time employees are affected. He cited one 77-year-old man who worked there for 37 years.

Lovan says the law requires giving workers 60 days notice, and he plans on meeting with company reps Friday.

Lovan said, "We're going to make sure the employees get paid for at least 60 days and then we'll have to negotiate a severance package for them."

In a statement issued to WREG, a PepsiCO spokesperson said,

"We plan to close down production operations at our Collierville beverage facility effective immediately. Associated work will move to other facilities within our system. This difficult decision was made with careful consideration and we're committed to providing support to affected employees by offering outplacement services. A majority of employees will remain at the Collierville facility. PepsiCo continues to be dedicated to serving our customers and consumers in the area, and this change allows us to improve efficiency, fund future investments and be more competitive."

Lovan also questions if Shelby County can absorb the job loss.

He said, "They keep wanting to ship our work overseas. You're not guaranteed tomorrow anymore than anybody else it don't seem like anymore."

PepsiCo says there will still be about 100 employees working at the Collierville facility.

Lovan says he's heard the delivery and sales department will remain open.


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  • hateraide

    Corporate and Business system laid off almost 200 on Valentine’s day a year ago and now plan on Offshoring to India all Managed Services of perhaps 800 workers in 60 days…

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