TN DAs: Let Us Use Victim Pics In Trials

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(Nashville, TN)  The Tennessee District Attorneys Conference is behind a bill in Tennessee that would require judges allow photos taken of victims in trials.

Right now, a judge is allowed to decide whether a photo can be shown to the jury.

The judge is allowed to decide whether the photo is relevant and not overly prejudicial.

HB 1524, SB 1726 would automatically allow the use of the photos of victims who cannot attend the trial because they are incapacitated or dead.

Amy Weirich sent this tweet today, "This bill is proposed by the TN D.A.'s Conference. The bill is in danger of being defeated. Contact your local representatives."


  • upaces88

    I have never understood that, “overly prejudicial.”
    It give a very vivid picture of the mentality of the perpetrator vs. the victim of the crime.

  • Rev Fienx

    3 strikes laws and zero tolerance policies have taught us that nothing should be “automatic”. Let the elected Judge make the appropriate decision. Do NOT pass this bill.

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