Neighborhood Fights To End Violence After Two Double Shootings In Three Days

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(Frayser) Blue lights flashed in the middle of the day in Frayser on Martha Drive, where a man was dead in the middle of the street.

"He took his last breath as we came around the corner," Joneisha Fleming said.

Neighbors are saddened and frustrated by the violence.

“We’re just tired of seeing all the bad things around here,” neighbor Dewayne Williams said.

“Stop the violence. Just stop,” neighbor Fannie Durham said.

Two men were shot outside a home on Martha just after 2 in the afternoon. One man was killed, the other injured. He ran 100 yards through the backyards of homes until he found help on Gillie Road.

“We saw somebody coming around the corner screaming, 'Help! Help!' So we picked him up and brought him into the house and call the ambulance. We were like what’s wrong. All he kept saying was 'my friend Mike, my friend Mike, I hope he ain’t dead. I hope he ain’t dead,'” Flemming said.

Police aren’t saying what sparked the shooting, but neighbors say the reason doesn’t really matter.

“It should not be socially acceptable for someone to have a gun in the middle of the street in broad daylight,” Pastor Deandre Brown said.

Pastor Brown and his Lifeline to Success Ministry just held a barbeque Tuesday in Frayser, to show that Monday's double shooting is not silencing their efforts to fight crime.

While he wasn’t expecting to hold another barbeque so soon, he will.

“Got to get the grill out and try to do something tomorrow,” Brown

While these shootings are heartbreaking, the spirit to bring a change is strong than ever.

“We have got to become to be more aware and understand that life has value,” he said.

“There’s so much hope moving forward. We hate someone had to lose their life, but we pray this can be a catalyst that teaches people this can no longer be tolerated in our neighborhood.”

Police are not releasing the names or ages of the victims. They said they do have one person in custody.


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