Man Accused Of Attacking Family At East Memphis ATM

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(Memphis) A trip to the ATM turned into a terrifying experience for one Memphis family as they headed out to celebrate a child’s birthday.

Instead of blowing out birthday candles, police say they found themselves fighting off a violent 32-year-old Warren Williams.

The SunTrust on Poplar near Highland is a pretty busy bank but everything came to a standstill when one Memphis family drove up to the ATM.

“That whole situation was literally crazy,” said Craig Joiner.

Joiner, his fiancé and their 9-year-old daughter were in the drive-thru line waiting to get some cash for the girl's birthday last week.

Police say Warren William was parked behind the family and went ballistic because they took too long.

He honked his horn, shouted, and even flipped the family off.

“It was crazy the way he was acting behind us, he was real theatrical,” said Joiner.

The drive-thru drama wasn’t over.

Joiner says he and his family watched out closely for Williams because they weren't sure what was about to happen.

Even with the family alert, Joiner says it didn't stop Williams from running up to their truck, opening the door, and lunging towards the family.

“He had his hand on something, he kept saying, 'I'll shoot you, I'll kill you!” recalled Joiner.

Joiner says he struggled with Williams to keep him out of the car, “I was just hoping the guy wouldn't go off and pull out a weapon and shoot."

The family drove off.

Williams took care of business at the ATM and then raced through traffic.

Joiner says he followed him and took down the license plate number.

“People shouldn't be able to act like that and get away with it,” said Joiner.

He didn't. Police arrested Williams Tuesday and the family is relieved.

“Its innocent people out here that he could hurt; nobody needs to go through that,” said Joiner.

Williams faces burglary and assault charges.


  • Brenda Bernstein

    What’s up with the racist comments? I bet if he was black you all would not be saying these nasty things.

    • MissTee

      Brenda, the WREG comments are always filled with racists. Black, white, Latino, doesn’t matter. It’s like the nastiest of all people just live to come on here and say hateful and evil things. There’s no Facebook or real name login required. So they feel safe to say what they want.

  • Sportzfanz

    I was surprised their truck was not locked. I keep my car doors locked
    at all times! They raced thru traffic to get his license plate number??
    Sounds like an accident waiting to happen! Having said that, I’m glad
    the family is ok and this clown was caught.

  • Joe Brown

    You never hear the real story…..first of all why was this child at the age of 9 not in school??? Birthday celebration, give me a break…..Also, what the story didn’t say was that Mr.Joiner was completely blocking all lanes at the bank, as he was “swerving” his car endangering other vehicles. And as far as this “family” being a sweet East Memphis family, I guess if you consider an apartment on Manasses East Memphis, I must live in Beverly Hills… the way Mr. Joiner has cases of domestic assault and various other crimes in his history. Just look for that mouth FULL of gold.

    • polo solo6

      Its called Spring Break and yes they can celebrate and do have money in the bank. Contrary to what you want your people to believe, hard working people deserve safety and happiness.

  • LiberalLady

    Brenda B

    You’re the racist one.
    I’ve been able to keep myself from commenting, however, you make the nastiest comments about anyone who isn’t Caucasian. Give it a rest you bitter racist *pejorative*. There is no such things as race. Ignorant people like yourself have been brainwashed into believing that people of your skin tone are superior. We are all equal and people from all backgrounds commit all kinds of heinous crimes.

  • pump

    I use to work with this guy. He’s definitely not a racist, considering most of his friends are black. He does have major anger management issues and use to workout a lot to cope. His family totally abandoned him, including his wife. If anything he just needs help and guidance.

  • James

    I have know this guy for several years. This story definitely has numerous holes in it. If/when the truth comes out whether the story was correct or not no one will ever know. He has his issues as does everyone but he isn’t a racist and I’d be willing to bet Mr. Joiner is leaving out a large portion of the incident. Not to Say Mr. Williams is 100% innocent but there is always two sides to every story.

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