Frat Member Attorney Takes On Memphis Hazing Case

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(Memphis) A well-known attorney has taken the case of a fraternity member charged with beating a University of Memphis student during a hazing ritual.

Attorney Arther Horne says his client is innocent and he’s offended about comments comparing Kappa Alpha Psi to a gang.

Horne says he's been a part of the fraternity since 1989 and that Kappa Alphi Psi might have once practiced hazing back then but not anymore.

“I think when this case is over with, everyone will see that this is nonsense,” said Horne.

Adrian Bond, a 39-Year-old real estate broker, is accused of using a wooden stick to beat a new member on the butt and punching him in the chest.

Police say Bond directed a group of fraternity brothers in the beating as a way to re-pledge a current member from the University of Memphis.

“I can tell you there was no hazing and no one was getting hit on the behind with a stick," said Horne.

Horne says Bond and other older members of the fraternity were asked to meet with younger members to build a relationship.

He says the meeting happened at a house and no violence was involved.

However, Horne admits Kappa Alpha Psi might have practiced hazing back in the 1980s when he pledged.

“Were you beat up to be in the group?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I can't talk about that,” he laughed.

Horne says the accusations against Bond have been an embarrassment.

Bond’s not a college student anymore, but a working professional.

Bond is still part of the fraternity because it’s a lifelong commitment and Horne also still prides himself as a member.

He showed us pictures of himself from the late 80's where he had to carry bricks around, shave his head and wear camouflage as part of the pledging process.

He says nowadays, hazing has been phased out and the historic black fraternity is all about community service and achievement, “I think that is what the organization is truly about.”

Horne says the alleged victim signed a form not only with the U of M but with the fraternity agreeing to not be involved with any hazing activities.

Bond's next court day is scheduled for April 7.


  • Mercury

    Who knows, maybe the judge might be a Nupe, and he will dismiss this
    case or order community service.
    Did the alleged “hazee” suffer any physical injury? This country is getting way too soft. Everything must be easy, no pain or effort is needed for anything. But then, how do you achieve anything of any real value?

    • browning

      i think…..might have happened in the 80’s……i cant talk about that ….i think that’s what the organization is about ?
      i dont hear anything convincing about this nonsense other than attorney mumbo jumbo double talk

  • aseuy

    What the heck is repledging the man that was beaten was already a member. Who does that to their so called brother!!!

  • Tadow

    Wow, yet again…Foolishness & Coonery. That fraternity has got to be one of the most effeminate I’ve ever seen as a man. Any group of men with too many pocket mirrors is suspect …#HeLookSoft

  • mr.matt

    how could anyone want to be accepted so badly from their peers to go through this…probaly grew up with a real lack of love at home

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