Bond Lowered For Olive Garden Employee Accused Of Trying To Kidnap, Rape Co-Worker

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(Memphis) A now-former Olive Garden employee accused of trying to kidnap and rape his teenage co-worker is one step closer to getting out of jail.

A judge lowered Jonathan Cox's bond from $100,000 to $30,000 Wednesday.

Cox is charged with aggravated attempted kidnapping.

His bond is $30,000, but he only has to pay $3,000 to get out.

The victim, Meah Hill, was in the courtroom, and said she broke down in tears.

"I feel like he can get out today. He can get out anytime he wants, and then I feel like he is going to come after me," said Hill. "He confessed that he was watching me over a six-month time period. He was kidnap me, take me to his house and rape me repeatedly."

The day plays over and over again in her mind.

While walking into work last month, Hill said her co-worker grabbed her, covered her mouth, and tried to drag her to his car, but she got away.

Police said the evidence was all there: duct tape and rope in Cox's car.

"It's made me fearful to go outside by myself or be anywhere alone," said Hill.

Her mom and dad take her to therapy weekly and calm her nightmares. Now they are worried what will happen if Cox gets out.

"He has been watching her for six months. We don't know if he knows where we live," said Ponita Hill.

Hill tried to file an order of protection Wednesday, but was told she couldn't until Cox makes bond and the terms of that bond are worked out.

"I feel like nobody cared about me being a victim. I felt like I was by myself. I was victimized by people I thought would protect me," said Hill.

Cox doesn't have a criminal record. He's from West Memphis, and WREG is told he lives with his mother.

Hill said those factors played a role in the judge's decision.


  • David Carter

    Typical of his kind. Obsessed with the underage and must be a catholic. He is lucky he didn’t choose the Holly Bobo type. His bond would have been 1.5 million.

    • Freedomwasawesome

      Wow that’s as appropriate as saying blacks are predisposed to watermelon or Jews being greedy with money. Bigots come in all forms I quess

      And what is a Holly Bobo type?

      Heck I’ll play. You must be a MCS grad. No wait drop out! Yeah that’s it

      • Terrie

        @ Free-Oh pa-leasee don’t tell me…you’re also a catholic!! You need to get a job this year. I’m just being real!

  • T. Burrows

    This is SO wrong! As far as I’m concerned, abusers and molesters should get life in prison or the death sentence. This young lady should not have to be scared to death because his bail was lowered. For a certain group of people, such as rapists, abusers and molesters, there should automatically have their bond set at at least $2 million dollars….this is why so many of them are out there constantly doing it and the poor police are aggravated because they’re out the door before the ink dries…..such a shame.

  • stuckincrazyland

    #SAD Her mom @ dad need to go to the shooting range @ get a little practice in ;-);-) Thats what I would do.

  • Joe Bo

    Cant help but notice “brenda berinstine” neglected to leave her usual ridiculous commits. Oh, my badd, the suspected attempted Kidnapper, rapists, and probably murderer is Caucasian. Since he worked with her, sure he was going to not leave a witness. Kinda reminds me when one of jeffry dahamers victims was handed back to jeff by the police. Way to look the other way b. Bernstein. But you always claim your not raciest.

    • D_body

      First of all person(s) who r arrested r presume innocent until proven guilty so stop trying to play judge and jury.

  • Terrie

    Everything about this is wrong! He should be in for life and why why did the judge reduce his bond? Because he lives with his Mother?? Excuse but they are the worst kind!!! Don’t vote this judge in again!!

  • Lisa Hendrickson

    You all comment as if you know this person or as if the media gives all the details or any of the facts… Wrong… This person is not a criminal. He made a horrible mistake and owned up to it at the time it happened. The victim said herself in court that he apologized during the incident. He needs psychiatric help, and that is why his bond was reduced. Shelby County Jails have no programs to help people. That is why we have so many “career criminals” in this city. His family is trying to take action. He is not on the street… He is not a harm to anyone, and each one of you who is judging this situation based on news stories alone should take a good look in the mirror. There is only one judge here. It is not you, it is not me and it is not the one in the black robe downtown. I guess not a one of you has ever made a mistake before. I’m sure I have not changed anyone’s opinion with my comment, but remember that mental illness is just as real as cancer. You can’t cure cancer by putting a person in a jail cell, nor will you cure mental illness by keeping a person locked up. I was carjacked at gun point 8 years ago, and I have been mentally disturbed ever since. Never once did I feel like I wanted to get revenge or bash the person who put the gun to my head, and he confessed plus he laughed in my face in the court room. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

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