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Three Charged With Murder Of Man Trying To Sell Car On Craigslist

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(Memphis) A 21-year-old and two 17-year-olds have been charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of a robbery.

Brandon Vance, 21, Martiness Henderson, 17, and Walter Collins, 17, are accused of killing 37-year-old Larry Wilkins and then stealing his 2006 Ford Mustang just before midnight March 9, 2014.

The shooting happened at the Sycamore Lake Apartments on Sycamore View.

Police say Wilkins met the suspects after they expressed interest in buying his car, which had been listed for sale on Craigslist.

It was not immediately clear why the meeting took place just before midnight.

The car was found in the Frayser area around 10:30 Monday morning.

Police say it is always best to meet in a public, well-lit area to do any kind of sale.

Many people meet in the parking lot of a police substation for extra caution.


  • Jets

    It is just horrifying what this city has become. Especially young black males. Where are their mentors; their role models? We need programs to catch them early and turn them on to science or art or music or whatever catches their fancy — certainly not gangs! I know this will offend some folks, and I don’t care. It’s the truth.

    • I Might Be Crazy

      The answer to your question, the black males from somewhere around 1996 to 2000, who acted like they had some sense and actually showed initiative were crucified for being men. What I mean by that is they were not doing stuff like creating children out of wedlock, not being a regulars down at 201 Poplar, and actually working (at a job). They were accused of being “fake” or being “Uncle Toms” for essentially doing the right thing. As a result, these people began to be looked down upon by the black community as “trying to be white”. What you are now seeing is the end result of that kind of thinking from many black people back then who should have known better. This did not JUST HAPPEN either, it took years to get this bad. It’s kind of hard to say, but this is just a situation of chickens coming home to roost.

      • PenelopeAnn

        @ I might be crazy…..I’m trying to make since of your comment…I will never understand why someone would ever equate a black man who is doing the right thing, as trying to be white…No, he was trying to be a righteous human being.

      • Carlie

        They need their father in their life. And not as some dude who comes around a few times a month and says “yo wassup my lil n***a, how’s things, you getchoo some booty lately? aww yea dass right dass my boy right dere!”

    • Linda

      We do have mentors here. There is a non-profit organization known as Future home of Orange Mound Radiers. Contact Coach Tony Huntsman 690-2193 or Brandi McHenry 600-5659. We need sponsors to help with this program but the community won’t help us. So the answer to your comment is there are mentors out there taking up their time with these kids. Check them out online @WWW.ORANGEMOUNDRAIDERS.ORG

  • Viniece

    This don’t make any sense!!! Larry was my sister boyfriend and we ALL LOVED HIM!!!! A very sweet guy that these young and dumb guys killed. R.I.P Larry we miss you. They need the death penalty..

    • Terrie

      @Blackspartan and that does not make you a racist. Nor anyone else that thinks the same way, like myself. Facts are facts. I haven’t had 1 black person seriously explain to me why blacks will not tell the police who shot Terrel when they were right there when Jay shot him. Help me understand. Do they not see that they are not helping them, but dragging themselves down with them>?

  • Will

    When Jesus is left of our lives.society turn into Choas…
    The word works..I know I have tried it.The Holy Bible is being
    fullfilled today..I dare you to read the book of Timothy. Can
    you not see everything Paul wrote to the church and told them
    what would be happening in the last days is happening right right
    now.Jesus is the Answer let’s turn back
    to him because he is our only hope.

    • Carol Pittman Howell

      @ Will Timothy is one of my favorites: II Timothy – Chapter 3 starting at the 2nd verse: For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful and unholy!!! They are without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but denying the power there of from such turn away – For of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lust, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Verse 13 says: Evil men and seducers shall be worse and worse and deceiving and being deceived.

  • Skeptimist

    Charcoal is black. Chalk is white. I’ve never met anyone who looks like either of those materials. Using those terms to label one another is an obvious lie. The popularity of that lie is probably due to two things. First, it is a convenient and socially acceptable figure of speech. It also works to conceal a long list of other lies that infect and sicken our society.

    In reading these comments it is encouraging to see that, among the subscribers to the lie, there are a few clear minds that try to inject a bit of truth. Ultimately, perhaps, the truth will win. If it doesn’t, we all will lose

  • Wreg-Fan

    i’ll give them boys the gas chamber and sit and watch while eating a cheap hot and ready 5 dollar lil C pizza with a sierra mist

  • Kevin Lewis

    I see a lot of valid comments…as well as a few that make no sense. These guys had their mind made up that they were going to take this car….by any means necessary…With all that has been going on in this city with craig’s list…why was he meeting at one knows…why weren’t the police there to stop this crime…because these guys didn’t tell the police of their intentions…People need to understand that the police hook’em and book’em…it’s the DA’s office that are letting them go with all this plea bargining to save money. That’s right I said it…TO SAVE MONEY AND THE EXPENSE OF A TRIAL…THE DA’S OFFICE HAS A REVOLVING DOOR OPERATION GOING ON IN THIS CITY THAT MUST BE STOPPED. VOTE FOR JOE BROWN…DISTRICT ATTORNEY.

  • Bytemeagain

    Many people wonder and ask what this has to do with race? It has EVERYTHING to do with race. I’ve lived in this city going on 25 yrs., and the progression of black on black crime is astounding. I’ve lived in 3 different areas of Shelby county, all within the same zipcode since 1990. The thing that prompted me to move from each area was the number of rough, thug-like black people that moved into the area. Before tha happened, the areas were very diverse, quiet, and people felt safe in the area. Howver, over time, more of “us” moved in, and things progressively went downhill. Loud, blaring music became a problem, lowrider cars and people just hanging around outside the apartments increased. I guess others saw the signs too, because there was a mass exodus over the period of about a year. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when the apartment complex began putting up wrought iron fences and security guard booths. I moved out before they completed it. It’s unfortunate that the stereotype of having a lot of black people moving in makes an area go downhill, has been true for me. The grounds around the apartments started to go down. Landscaping was neglected, litter became a problem, old junk cars were being abandoned in the complex. People were working on their cars in their parking spots. The formerly all white leasing staff was now all black. This same pattern repeated itself in a brand new home subdivision I moved to after I left those apartments. The area was diverse, quiet, and very nice. I was there only 5 years, because in that short time, the same types of things that happened in the apartment complex, began to happen. More black families moved in, while other ethnicities of people moved out. I’m amazed how people invest in a home then proceed to do nothing to maintain it. Now, I’ve been in a subdivision where 10 years ago, homes sold for $200k+. After the housing crash, many of the homes went into foreclosure and were sold for almost half of their original value which allowed people to move in who didn’t have and don’t show an appreciation of home ownership. I’m putting my home on the market in a few weeks, and I’m hoping just the break even. Once it sells, I’m out of there. I’ve driven through the areas where I once lived, and it’s like night and day. I can’t imagine that I ever lived there.

    Now, before anyone calls me racist or whatever, I am a middle-aged black male. I am one of the one’s that someone mentioned above that’s always been referred to as an Uncle Tom, trying to be white, or being a fake, simply because I’m educated with college degrees, carry myself in a professional, respectable, manner, and speak the Queen’s English. I get hassled more by many from the black community more than anyone else. To many in the black community, I’m not black enough, whatever the heck that means. I’m also accused of self-hatred. Not true at all. I have the utmost pride in my own race, however, the main ones in the spotlight are the troublemakers and ne’erdowells. Since they get the most attention and press on a daily basis, it’s not difficult to understand why we have the reputation we have. It’s unfortunate, but until those in my community decide that they’re going to change, we’re going to continue to be viewed negatively. Race is something that makes us all uncomfortable, but it must be discussed. I know that all black people aren’t thugs and criminals, and I know that all white people are “devils” and bigots. There is good and bad in all races. You don’t have to live up to your stereotype.

    • MikeBarret

      Please run for public office! You know what the problem is, you aren’t afraid to say it, you don’t want to deflect blame on “whitey” or “the mexicans” like we get a lot of. If you ran in my district I’d vote for you, I don’t care if you’re purple and have feathers growing out of your head. We need folks like you representing Memphians in government. The problem as usual is the people who would be best at public service don’t want to do it, it’s just a thankless job, and the people who do want to do it, do it for their own ego and greed and self aggrandizement. YES JANIS I’M TALKING TO YOU.

    • Joe Bo

      History has shown that one person can make a difference. Sitting at home and seeing a spark, instead of putting out the spark, you flee your house. Then you complain that your house burned to the ground. As an educated Man, you should know that moving will not solve the problems. Soon you will run out of places to move too. Time you made a stand, it takes a Village….

    • Simpleasitgets

      I now have a much better understanding of where you are coming from.

      This past year, my family and I have become very close and devoted to a young lady who happens to be black. We spend several hours together almost every day. She is well educated and well spoken.

      I have to say…… I am now very much aware of white privilege as well as black privilege. I have seen blacks treat her with that “sell out/Uncle Tom attitude.” If she changes the way she speaks she is treated completely different by her race.

      The mentality of being bullied or picked on for trying to rise to the very best of your abilities has got to stop. The black community should be lifting those individuals up and embracing their success instead of tearing them down. The color of your skin does not make the man, it is the man himself.

      I’ve always told my kids, If you want things to get better, you have to be better.

      Thank you for your post, it was a privilege to read.

  • blakspartan

    As a black male and have posted items on Craigslist, and this may sound racist, but I mention I do not sell to young black males, nor will I come to the hood, and if anyone has the appearance of a thug, I won’t bother selling to you, I normally sell to.people who are professional, and is give me.their information such as first and last name, im tired of.seeing blacks.on here.making.excuses black.crime

  • lizzyc2

    As an over 65 white person, I have seen this city (and many others) spiral downward through the 65 years I have lived in Memphis. There are areas I call “dead zones” that should be torn down, bulldozed, and made into fields planted with flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees, rather than provide eyesores and space for more criminal activity.

    I have seen “white only”, “no coloreds”, and “negro entrance”, signs, as well as, blacks go to back of the yellow and every bus in Memphis. We had “colored maids” that walked to our house and back home and that my parents took home in the back seat. Their names were Ida, Ophelia, and Hattie. I loved every one of them. My husband worked with a man whose father had been hanged by the KKK while he watched! There were NEVER any blacks in my school from grades 1-12! I have heard people say that someone “Didn’t know their place.” I was at dinner with my family when MLK was shot and the blacks rioted, burned, looted, and terrorized this city.

    I know there have been injustices done by all races in this city. I have been educated beyond the wildest dreams of anyone in my family. I was the first high school and college graduate. My daddy just wanted us to finish school, get a job, and get married. My mother worked outside the home at jobs that paid more to men than women, and so have I. On one side, I had great and great-great-grandfathers who fought for the North and the South. On the other side, I am a second generation immigrant whose family also suffered prejudicial treatment. Both of my grand-fathers fought in World War I, one for the US and another in another country. I watched my parents and grandparents then turn the tables and be prejudiced. I have been prejudiced, a bigot, and biased!

    I was blessed to work with people from “the greatest generation” to the current one, whatever that is now called, and multiple nationalities and ethnicities. I have learned from them, shared their struggles, known their woes and celebrations. I have been excluded and included because of my race, my gender, my looks, my handicaps, my religion, my education, etc.

    I have heard that there are no gangs in this city, the gangs are coming into our city, the gangs are rampant in this city, we have a anti-gang unit, and a policeman is in every school to monitor gang activity and protect students and teachers.

    Most of the crime is such a pity because the criminals target those who have almost nothing and take it, as well as precious lives. They also target those who have more. Criminals have a job, too. They train, they plan, they execute. They go to this job every day. Sometimes they get caught, but mostly do not. If they get caught, they are freed again and again, with their skills even more perfected through education from other criminals in the criminal “justice” system. They have also made important “connections” while in jail. They are better trained for their job upon release, with a better network.

    Where does this stop? In the home!!! The problem is not that our young people do not have male mentors or role models. They do, but not good ones. This is not a racial issue, it is a human issue. What they need are good FATHERS, UNCLES, BROTHERS, TEACHERS, MOTHERS, AUNTS, and SISTERS who will show them right from wrong, how to get an education and a good job, not how to work the system to get something for nothing.

    We have all suffered injustices and will continue to do so in one way or another. But we will survive and thrive. We live in one of the greatest countries where opportunities abound, if we will work hard, keep our noses clean, support ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. As someone famous said, “It takes a village.” (HRC).

    Don’t let this village continue to crumble because of crime and poor choices. Be fiscally responsible and choose a partner/spouse wisely BEFORE you make a child. Make sure everyone knows who the parents of a child are. Raise children in a loving home with two parents, whenever possible. Be responsible for you and your family’s own basic needs and show your children how to become responsible adults. Take care of your children. Know who their friends are, where they are, and insist they go to school every day and finish high school, at a minimum. If they want to become sexually active, educate them about the emotional, physical, and financial risks, how to choose a partner wisely, and how to practice safe sex until they are in a committed, financially solvent, and stable relationship.

    Our responsibilities as parents have changed drastically over the years and we are not living up to them. We are human beings with intellect, charity, commitment, love, and responsibilities. We must learn how to take care of ourselves, to help make a better world for ourselves and others, and stop the type of culture that breeds criminals, thugs, and abandoned children. If they can’t find security and love at home, they will turn to anyone who offers them an easy way out and a “belonging”. LONGING for that is what belonging to a gang, using drugs, and stealing from others promotes in the short-term. Let’s join together to help fulfill LONGING in more productive, positive ways.

    We can make Memphis the City of Good Abode once again, but we must get to the root causes of problems before we can begin to make the necessary changes. Throwing money at the problems has not worked. Poverty is not the problem, it is the result of many other problems!

    • MikeBarret

      Thank you, bless you, for your optimism! You were a personal witness to the shameful past when I wasn’t even born. Not enough people value insight and wisdom from you and your fellows.

    • Joe Bo

      @lizzy… Very refreshing commit. I hope your message get thru to people. You are like a Human Bridge spanning accros race, class, religious, and social boundaries. Hope you post more often. Thanks for your insight.

  • Joe B Cencored

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    March 11, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    21 and 17?!?! good job baby mamma… way to raise them right. You dont need no man!!!

    Ghetto rats Representing!!!

  • Yall don't know ERRRRRbody's story

    It’s so unfair and disrespectful “Joe b Censored” to assume that these children were not raised right, there were no fathers or positive role models in the home and call the mothers of thses children “baby mamas”. More often than not, these children know right from wrong; are raised in God-fearing, nurturing and loving homes. However, they CHOOSE, to hang around people who they start idolizing because of their street smarts and savy and end up getting caught up in things unimaginable. As a parent, it is our responsibility to give our children the tools they need to be productive, successful individuals. It is THEIR responsibility to use the tools. This is often where the break-down occurs. We can’t be with them 24/7. We trust that they are doing what is right unless we find out differently. Parents often times are the last ones to know. Not because they are not looking and checking and talking and enforcing doing the right things, but because children can sometimes be very deceitful and coniving. They know what to say, how to say it, what to do and how to do it when we are around and not around. When they are around the children or young adults they choose to befriend and who choose to befriend them, they are not the children we know. They are not the children we’ve fostered, nurtured, loved, tucked in, cared for, missed days off work for, sat in the ER for, rocked, held, kissed, snuggled and taught. They become whomever there circle requires them to be in order to fit in. Older young men and women can be very impressionable upon younger children. These older young men and women give the younger ones a confidence we as parents could never give them. They manipulate their tender young minds and get them to start thinking on things that are unimagineable. Then over time, the children begin to believe the hoopla they are being fed. Not realizing they are being groomed mentally for failure. Once this happens, the children start changing their behavior at home and at school. While subtly transforming into someone else. If no one recognizes the signs or are able to reach them before something happens; they end up getting caught up. Yet, it’s not because of no good, lazy, un-caring parents. It’s because of parents who work hard for what they have and who provide stable home enviroments for their families and do the very best that they can- but children who are gullible and dumb and think they have suddenly become smarter than their parents and their new role models are street thugz who they call friends. Now this is the TRUTH!

  • allen79

    Today is a new day. Young black males must be taught from the age of walking what is expected of a MAN. I am a young mom with 2 boys 16 and 5. I show them love and respect and i get that back. Human being need to know they are loved and needed. Read maslow’s hierarchy of needs!. GOD should always lead your life to suceed in all things.

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