Signature Healthcare Staff Raises Money To Buy Truck For Patient

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(Memphis) A man, who was once dependent on a ventilator and only communicated with his eyes, is literally on the road to independence after he got the surprise of his life.

There were a lot of hugs and tears Tuesday as the staff at St. Franicis Hospital's Signature Healthcare surprised Terry Winsett, Jr., by giving him a red pickup truck.

Winsett suffered a severe neurological disorder, but he was able to overcome his condition through hard work and the help of his physical therapists.

He had another setback when his car burst into flames from an electrical issue, but the staff stepped in to lend a hand by raising more than $4,000 for a new truck.

"You don't see something like this coming," Winsett said. "The folks up here, I have no idea how to thank them. They have given me something more than friendship."

Chaplain W. Russell Holcomb said, "It really is exciting and our whole staff is just excited to be able to be a part of this."

Others were a part of it, too.

Holcomb, who is also with the Tennessee Army National Guard, knew two soldiers who were willing to help.

One recently opened a used car dealership and found the truck. The other works at a tire company, and his supervisor offered a discount on tires.


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