Not Guilty Plea From Suspect In Holly Bobo Murder

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(Decatur County, TN) He is accused of kidnapping and killing nursing student Holly Bobo, but Zachary Adams said in court Tuesday he is not guilty.

Adams had his arraignment in Decatur County.

Holly's family sat just a few feet from where Adams stood with his attorney Jennifer Thompson.

There were plenty of tears from those who loved Holly, but through it all, Zachary Adams stared blankly ahead.

Emotions ran high on Adams' arraignment day, but even higher was the level of security both inside and outside the courthouse.

A helicopter flew overhead and deputies and state troopers surrounded Adams as he arrived in a bulletproof vest.

Ernest Sanders, a Bobo family friend, watched Adams arrive.

"I hope he didn't do it, but in my heart, I know he did it," Sanders said.

Adams said nothing as he entered the courthouse, and very little once inside.

Instead, his attorney Jennifer Thompson spoke for him, entering a plea of not guilty to charges of especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder in the perpetration of kidnapping.

Holly Bobo's family sat in the front row. Her mother, Karen, cried. Her brother, Clint, stared at the back of Adams' head, never looking away.

Mississippi lawyer Steve Farese has represented the Bobo family for the past two years.

"Advising them and telling them about motion dates, what normally happens in court appearances," he said of what he has been telling them.

A status hearing was set with the judge saying he wants the case to move along as quickly and fairly as possible, and after three long years of searching for Holly, justice is what this community is aching for.

"We're still to going to give up," Sanders said. "You still have to have hope."

The status hearing will be held on April 9 at 9 a.m.

Adams is being held in the Chester County jail without bond.

It's been almost three years since Holly Bobo disappeared.

It was April 13, 2011, when her brother told authorities he saw Bobo following a man in hunting clothes into the woods near the family home in Darden.

Police and family searched but were unable to find her.

Investigators have not revealed what evidence they have against the suspect, or if they have found a body.

Adams have a violent past and some say they are not surprised he was arrested.


  • Jason Petty

    I don’t think they’ve found a body because if they had , the family would have given her a funeral.They deserve to be able to give their child a proper barrial. I live in Decatur county and I’m sure there’s been no funeral.

  • Freedomwasawesome

    Not if an agreement was made with police to increase the chance for conviction. They may have remains.

    They have something It’s not that easy or fast to get a grand jury indictment with out some stong evidence

  • tigerfan

    My guess is they have physical evidence like her DNA or blood residue at his house that matched hers. Something really big that led them to believe she was murdered. Just a sad story – I was truly hoping for a better outcome for that family.

    • T. Jones

      No they would have made sure the media told that so it would not look like they are railroading this fellow. From what was being reported they have nothing. They can’t honestly say that young lady is dead,

  • Stephanie

    Such sad news. I have been following this story since the beginning. My heart is broke hearing this. My thoughts are with the Bobo family. I hope justice will be served. R.I.P Holly

  • YoBro

    Sad Ta See U Fan in Tha Flames While Ridn That Race Card Train…Irreguardless of Race it So Pathetically Sad You Can’t Show Her Family A Little Compassion…

  • Jessie

    First of all I am praying for the Bobo family what they are going through is unimaginable but they have to have some kind of evidence that she is dead or they would not have told her family she was she would have still been considered missing they have said they know she is in heaven sometimes it takes weeks for forensics to do testing..I just pray that this system will punish him or whoever did this to her. God bless this

  • Susan

    What the heck? Why would you even bring up race in this? Are you kidding me? You have no right to even say my people! We are all equal! If you are so worried about race I’m sure you have issue’s of your own. Not that others are the blame. I pray Holly’s family gets some peace. I pray this Zack is the one. I live with in a 50 miles of this. I just couldn’t imagine what the family has been through. God give them strength in the next days to come. Amen

    • T. Jones

      Now I can understand feeling for the family but why would you hope someone is a murderer?????? They don’t know this girl I even dead. They don’t have any evidence or they would have splattered it all over the news. They are hoping to trick this Zack person into taking a plea if it goes to trial they will have to let him go for lack of evidence. I hope the girl comes home and no one gets to die or be put to death for something they didn’t do.

  • james hartman

    lets not just run to a conclusoin that makes a bad dude ,who is a bad member of society, our lone scapegoat,he has rights and im thinking ,there is more to this than meets the eye…..we cant do this like the salem witch trial, some of us believe in this justice system… not one….whats disturbing is the state and govt, hasnt provided the public with one reason why he is good on this murder…..seems a little remiss …..innocent to proven guilty!!!!! many ppl had contact with this young girl at or nearby this coonhunt. . ., i guess what im saying is before we all go to this outright public hanging, is . . . . is it really justice or is there more? . . show me proof before i decide. . with all due respect to the family

    • Susan

      Yes, that’s how I feel about it. I’m sure he ( Zack ) is not a good guy. And is probley capable of this kind of crime. I’m just wondering if there is some other but out there that is guilty. They said they don’t want to take there time. Understanding that, we should have no reasonable dought.

  • Paula Stoots Taft

    I believe in Justice, I also believe in innocent till proven guilty. I hope what ever proof they have that she is deceased is enough for a conviction to the right party. I lost my sister in law years ago because someone wanted the 150 dollars from her register and thought it was more important than her life. We still don’t have closure and I believe that we would do better dealing with her passing if we did. Instead every year on the anniversary of her death we live it all over again.

  • james hartman

    susan ,im just not into the way this has all out of nowhere came about… im not defending anything except our rights as citizens of the great state of tennessee. . . if no one questions this all of a sudden 3 year later decision , we could just be hanging the wrong guy and let a real bad guy go. . . i NEED PROOF. . SHOW ME. . again with all due respect for this guy , who wont get a fair trial anywhere near here

  • Susan

    James, there is more to this store. I pray they have the right guy. If they don’t shame on the system. Zack is not a law buying citizens. An easy target. I completely agree with you.

  • Susan

    James, you did hear about Zack’s best friend in jail? This is where Zack’s name came out to the police. In reference to Holly. This guy, his friend had a 15 years sentence. Now is reduced and is up for hearing next year.

  • Jason Petty

    They haven’t released all the evidence.They wouldn’t just arrest him if they didn’t have something big. And even if they did, they couldn’t get a 12 panel jury to convict him.

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