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Mom Sheds Tears Of Joy When She Finds Out Her Son Will Get Needed Meds

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A drug maker decided late Tuesday to send a drug to St. Jude which could save the life of 7-year-old Josh Hardy.

The Hardys say the company will send brincidofovir to the hospital Wednesday evening.

Aimee Hardy didn't want to leave her son's bedside, but said in a statement:

"Please know that we truly appreciate the help you have given us, and we are forever grateful for everyone that took part in the social media campaign. It is completely unbelievable what has transpired since last Thursday. Nothing short of a miracle. We are so thankful that Chimerix was able to release the medicine for Josh. The truth of the matter is he is still in the ICU, and we would like to focus on him making a full recovery."

St. Jude said in a statement:

This drug is experimental and has not yet been approved by the FDA and the safety and effectiveness of the medication has not yet been established for use in children.  For this reason, it  will be administered under a new treatment protocol as approved by a committee charged with compliance to federal and institutional regulations for clinical research (IRB).  It is also important to understand that this remains a critical and complex medical situation.

St. Jude will continue to pursue state-of-the-art treatment for Josh and all of our patients.  We are grateful for the efforts of Chimerix, the FDA and many others who worked to achieve this outcome. We ask that you continue to keep Josh and his family in your thoughts.

(Memphis) A 7-year-old St. Jude patient is in the intensive care unit as a virus destroys his heart and kidney.

There's medicine that will likely cure Josh Hardy, but the drug company refuses to give it to him, saying that helping Josh would hurt others.

Since Josh was 9 months old, he has beat cancer four times.

When he got a bone marrow transplant last year, Josh faced another battle - he caught an adenovirus that spread through his body.

"He had the bone marrow cells administered January 10. On January 14, we went to the ICU, and we have been there since. He had heart failure, kidney failure and major lung issues," said his mom Aimee, who remains strong and continues to pray for a miracle.

Aimee Hardy said there's only one experimental drug that's not approved by the FDA that can likely save him, and St. Jude doctors have requested it several times.

The North Carolina drug company, Chimerix, won't give it to him saying if they help Josh, they won't be able to get the drug to market in 2016 and save more lives.

"They have the opportunity to be a real life superhero for a little 7-year-old, and they're not they are focused on going to market," said Aimee Hardy.

She said Josh is depressed and worried what's to come. The only thing he's looking forward to is his eighth birthday on March 31st.

"I asked, 'Buddy, what do you want for your birthday?' and he's like, 'To be out of the hospital, to drink whatever I want when I want, and I want and to walk on my own.' The things we all take for granted," she said.

Josh loves basketball. His favorite player is Lebron James. His dream is to go to the Memphis Grizzlies game on April 9 against Miami Heat.

You can keep up with the Josh Hardy on Facebook.

The family also started a petition on


  • Kaye McIntosh

    THANK GOD …I have been following this story all day and prayed this company would change it’s stance. I will continue to pray for this little fighter.

  • Marybelle

    I quote from St Jude’s statememt ..”We ask that you continue to keep Josh and his family in your thoughts”… What about Prayers? He’s only 7. He needs GOD and Prayers at this time. Thoughts don’t heal but GOD and Prayer do.

  • Wreg-Fan

    The dad said his son life is in the president of the drug company hands…no his life is not GOD has thee ulitimate say so not man

  • Memphis

    I know that not only myself prayed for Josh, his family, and all those involved in making the decision to help the sick child. God is real, he hear our prayer and answerss them. He may not come when we want he but he’s always on time. To God be the Glory.

    • Carlie

      I think the way they rationalize that is they’ll say God let this child get terminally ill so that once modern medicine has helped him to get better, they can say “O! See the Grace of God and the Wonder of what He has accomplished through our Prayer!” Meantime they’ll still be busy saying vaccinations are the Devil’s work, dinosaur fossils were planted by Satan to make us question our faith, and other complete denials of what science has accomplished for mankind.

      • Bob Sims

        @ Carlie: Why do you come to these sites? Is it to be a troll and just stir the pot of dissension? This is about a dying child and grieving parents, not about you and your pathetic negative outlook. If they believe God has a hand in this, just let it be. Take your sarcastic remarks elsewhere.

  • Nunya

    Extremely selfish. In sending this medicine, the drug company is now faced with an even bigger problem. Should this drug fail to deliver the desired results and the boy dies, the company will have to report this in their findings, thus making it harder to get FDA approval. That is why the company stated that in helping him, it will hurt others. Will any of you offer this small start-up the money they will lose out on, in attempting to get FDA approval for the masses? I understand, and please don’t bother saying, “Well, what if it was your kid?” If it was my kid and I was faced with this predicament, as so many of you have brought God into this, maybe this would be His will. Thy will be done.

    • Carlie

      Small start-up?? Chimerix is trading at $24.98 with a market capitalization of more than $550 million. Their IPO last year brought almost $120 million directly to their bank account and shares were 1.7% today on this news.

    • Bob Sims

      @ Nunya: Selfish? You don’t even know what all has happened here to make this drug available. You are totally off base with you negative, hateful, ignorant remarks. You are also wrong about why this will make it harder to get FDA approval. That is not why they originally denied the request. Read the first article and then make your comments. You may not sound so arrogantly stupid then. And, you didn’t answer your own question “if this were my kid.” And, in case you didn’t know, the $50,000 that the company said they needed to offset the cost to Josh was raised by a non-profit organization. There is a lot more I could explain to you about this, but I really don’t think you care. Your mind was made up without all the facts, idiot troll that you sound like. What the hell is your point?

  • Sonya

    Who cares about a market this is a very beautiful little boy life that needs help if that medicines will make him better give it too God please help this little angle prayers coming your way

  • Bob Sims

    @ Sonya: I couldn’t have said it better. Just glad to see a few positive people on this forum. I don’t understand why the negative naysayers even come here and post the way trolls do.

  • Felicia

    So many of these comments are ridiculous. If you go to these sites to press an agenda, go away. All that needs to be said here is that we hope this boy gets better and we wish all of the strength and love and caring of the world to him and his family to get thru this. They need positive thoughts and support from everyone. If you believe in God, whoever your God may be, pray for him to recover. If you don’t, then hope for him to recover. Either way sends positive thoughts. If you don’t believe in God, do you believe it hurts for others to pray for him? I don’t see how it could hurt. Anything to lift spirits always helps. For those who believe, stop trying to condemn others for their statements just because they don’t meet your approval. St. Jude is a wonderful place. I can’t think of a better place. To come here and see what they are doing and then complain because they asked for thoughts and not prayers seems very petty to me. If you want to add that request for prayers, that’s what the comments are for, but let’s try to keep it positive people. We may never all agree on everything, but I believe we all agree that this boy is fighting a battle that goes beyond what most people could imagine at his age. Lets make sure not to add more battles and just agree to hope he gets better. Be kind to people. Love thy neighbor.

  • Felicia

    This is why I donate to St. Jude as often as I can afford to. What they do for children and their families, I can’t imagine anything more admirable.

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