Mayor Wharton Plans “Largest Citywide Cleanup” In April

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(Memphis) Memphis Mayor A C Wharton is trying to get 10,000 volunteers to help clean up the city.

He's hosting Faith in Action, a three-day event in April, aimed at fighting blight.

"There is a greater benefit than the actual cleanup itself, and that's why we are putting so much effort into this," said Wharton.

Wharton is asking for your help to help beautify the Bluff City.

Here's the plan: April 25th through the 27th, schools, businesses, churches and community organizations will hit every neighborhood.

Volunteers will pick up litter, wash away graffiti, mow vacant lots, clear storm drains, and board up vacant homes.

Anyone can lend a hand.

Wharton says he's hoping the a massive sweep fight will solve other problems.

"That carries over to being willing to report crime, work in neighborhood watch organizations or work with police once crime has occurred," said Wharton.

Wharton has invested a lot of money in fighting blight.

He's got other projects in the works this spring, including his largest, 25-Square.

Director Onzie Horne recently called it quits. Sources said it was over money mismanagement.

Wharton says his resignation hasn't hurt the program.

"We will be fully geared up by the time the work really stacks up and gets ready to go," said Wharton.

25-Square will start when the mowing season starts.

As for faith in action, the mayor's office is sending sign-up sheets to schools, churches, and neighborhood associations.

For other ways to sign up, head to


  • Freedomwasawesome

    Chain gang would work It is successful and voluntary. Non violent criminals are being used in this manner in other areas of the United States

    • Freedomwasawesome

      Ah but where would the inhabitants go?

      More subsidized housing? That has already killed Hickory Hill and Cordova

  • italian

    nothing can clean up this corrupted town. This town was built on corruption. Until people start taking pride in where they live instead of throwing garbage out of car windows and throwing garbage in and around town where ever they feel like it; nothing will ever clean up this town. Sorry but this is the truth.

  • anna

    Sorry mayor but your actions are a little to late. This cesspool is already another Detroit. Not only do you have to clean up this town from all the trailer trash that live in it, but also all the corrupted police department and your own government.

  • Freedomwasawesome

    No one builds run down neighborhoods

    Ever see any pictures of the new charity houses built after they have been occupied? Nope. They tear them up fast.

  • smith

    A good start for Wharton would be to do away with Section 8 housing, move the scum out of the hoods and keep them inside a chain link fence, Teach these scum about property rights, make them pull up there pants.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      Smith – I agree with doing away with Section 8 housing but our Mayor is unable to do that (Government Program). Second, you do know it’s against the law to place people in “Camps” as you suggest, so why don’t you try coming up with some real solutions? Third – Not “All People” in these situations are “Scum,” your word not min;, but there needs to be strict rules that are followed when placing these people, and if after six months we find that these people are failing to follow the rules of the program, then give them a 30 notice to find a place on their own. Our problem is that we have chosen to turn a blind eye to this problem until now (election time), and so now we are going to clean up these communities for two or three days, and on day four they are right back the way they were. I still say we need to take people out of 201 Poplar, guys and gals, and make that an on going program that they keep our streets and communities clean, and maybe they won’t be so quick to return to a life of crime if they know they have to work eight hours a day (like the old days).

  • IWishUWould

    Hey does the 200 plus million dollar short fall includ the 57 million Wharton got on the news and said was in the bank drawing intrest… Or did they steal that too.. I have seen no more news report on what happened to that money… Hey WREG how about giving the taxpayer an answer to that question……. I bet a dollar to a dime that we as taxpayer’s want hear a word,.

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