Did Germantown Violate Meeting Law With Friday Vote?

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(Germantown, TN) The Germantown School Board made a big decision about school tuitions this past Friday.

But from the time they met, some questioned whether the vote was even legal.

Germantown's Superintendent of Schools, Jason Manuel says the district complied  with the law because there was a special circumstance allowing it to skip the normal notice time, "We didn't want to do anything to jeopardize our schools."

The district advertised the meeting online 3.5 hours before the meeting.

They were acting quickly after Tennessee State Representative Curry Todd criticized a vote earlier last week to charge a $200 tuition fee to non Germantown residents.

"I think once we talked to our parents about it, it could have been a matter of 'Oh we might not going to have a school system or we need to decide about tuition on this short notice.' I think everyone would say that there are sometimes you have to move quickly," said Manuel.

Tennessee law lets a board rush a meeting in an emergency situation.

The Germantown School Board considered the meeting an emergency because board chairman Lisa Parker was leaving for Hawaii Saturday.

Board members wanted a decision before her trip, even though there's no rule forcing her to be at the meeting.

Manuel told us, "We thought it was so important, we wanted all of our members present."

All members were not present at Friday's meeting.

Just three out of five members were there to vote on getting rid of the tuition, including swing vote Natalie Williams.

She changed her vote from earlier in the week, which changed the outcome.

Board members hope it stops a federal judge who can still stop the district from opening.

Manuel says the board could revisit the tuition idea next year,


  • Freedomwasawesome

    Why is it the people in charge of our children’s education seem to make the stupidest decisions? Emergency because someone is going on vacation?
    No the problem is you didn’t think the fee thing through in the first place.

  • Ric

    Well, guess what happens when you get advice from state reps with expunged criminal records? Since when did he start following Tennessee laws anyway?

    Who was the camera shy lady trying to hide the meeting? Any doubts about trying to keep it a secret were flushed out right there……

    Emergency? Not!!

  • Ric

    Anyone else consider this might have been a “rat” trick? When the legislature laughed at him for wanting to change Norris/Todd regarding the Germantown fees, he plays the “emergency judge/ruling” trick he found behind his pink elephant.

    Sure looks like Germantown has been duped by their “ratty” neighbors…….

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