MLGW Restores Power To All 60,000 Customers

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An update which shows the impact our last winter blast had on the Mid-South.

Tonight MLGW reports power has been restored to all of the 60 Thousand customers who lost power in the aftermath of the ice storm that struck last Sunday.

Crews had to replace downed wires, clear debris and even replace power poles.


  • anna

    this is the worst utility company in the USA. They are in the garbage and property tax collecting business. they are so corrupted. the power always go out. Very unreliable service, rude workers and well overpriced employees. they make an average of 60,000 per year, what a ripoff to the tax payers of shelby county.

  • Henry Brown

    I still do not have power (3/9/2014). I reported my live wire down to MLGW early 3/3/2014). I contacted MLGW again for a status on 3/7/2014). They claim they had no record of my previous calls to them.

  • bam80

    Go to another city and a different utility company. I heard other utilities are getting a magical wand so when the Power goes out they can wave it over your house and your lights will be back on. And 60,000 a year is too much for a job that is rated in the top ten most dangerous jobs in the world. Anna get a grip we dont control how or when the power goes out . If your that worried about it go completely green and supply your own electricity.

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