Update: Victory University Closure Prompts Baseball Season Ending

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Update 3/9/2014) Since this story appeared on WREG-TV and wreg.com, the baseball team has received enough donations to finish their at home season and is closing in on being able to play the rest of their away games!

(Memphis) The closing of Victory University has left the college careers of many students up in the air, faculty and staff jobs without jobs and athletes wondering what will happen.

"He said, basically, 'guys as of this morning our season is over'," Jordan Roper explained.

Victory University is facing defeat and closing its doors at the end of the school year.

"I wasn't, you know, none of us were prepared for that," Roper said.

Teammates and other students first heard the news on WREG, but their coach, John Jarnagin, made it a reality.

"When he said it, I lost it," Reed Davis said.  "I'm sure everybody else did too, We're all,  it's a terrible time for us."

The schools found itself in a financial hole and told WREG on Thursday that no new money coming in means no more classes.

"Man, last season I came to Christ," Benito Machado said.

He also plays on the baseball team and said it's where he found the man who helped turn his life around.

"A lot of coaches wanted to win and they put a lot of emphasis on winning, but he was more on character," Machado explained.

"Out of all the years I coached, it's been the greatest I've ever had," Coach Jarnagin said.  "Victory gave me the opportunity to be here and to do all of the things I've ever dreamed of."

Despite standing in the face of adversity, Coach Jarnigan believes the guys, the 'people' on his team will continue to soar.

"I don't know what I'll do next year. I'll figure out something. We'll be okay," Davis ended.

The Victory University Eagles are playing their last game on Sunday and want everyone to show up for support.

The team is hoping to finish out their season and said they need your help to make that dream a reality.

If you would like to donate, mail a check to:

Victory University at 255 N Highland St, Memphis, TN 38111

Attn: Victory Baseball.


    • Mzsjones

      Donations for the Team Not the school. Sorry the Team has to still b affiliated with the institution.

  • John

    They did the same thing to us when it was Crichton. Waited until the withdrawal period was over so they could keep all of our money and we got screwed. So called “Christian” school, smh. Wish we could say we didn’t see it coming but I’m sure all the Comets of 2009 thought the same thing.

  • invisible

    I do not mean any harm but just to tell the truth. I am currently a student a Victory. I have been here for two years, Victory has been the worst college experience ever. They took money from the students illgeal wise in order to keep it running. The staff in the business office and in the fiance center are so rude. They will literally have a person in tears.h However the professors are great! No lie about that. Im am happy that no other incoming student will face what Some of us Victory students faced. U feel sorry for the team! As for Victory,I can not support.

  • invisible

    Everything but a Christain college! We all learn from our mistakes, I should have done my research!!!#Ripoff

  • Michele

    If you could please put your personal issues aside. These young men just want a chance to finish what they started and possibly get placed with other schools. We should rally around them and not the school. If that was your son how would you feel?
    Christian or not…Not every Christian walks the walk let’s show them how its done.

  • Mzsjones

    This is really a great group of guys who have truly bonded and knows what it means to be aTEAM. Thanks Coach for helping them to really understand the meaning of being team players. Those of you who need something to do this weekend come out and support the team. Come help give them the uplift they need right now and enjoy one of Americas pastime. Gagliano Stadium on Mt Moriah game time 12 noon double hitter

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