Oak Court Mall Shooter Not In Custody

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(Memphis) Memphis Police say the person responsible for the shooting at Oak Court Mall Thursday night is not in custody.

Theodis Pitchford, 22, was shot inside the mall near a store called The Loft.

The victim is now in stable condition at The MED.

Police stopped a Lincoln Town Car near the mall and took four people into custody.

Police now say those people were actually with the person who was shot and did not take part in the shooting.

Inside the car, two stolen guns were found.

Dewon Avant, 19 is charged with Theft of Property Over $500 and Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon.

Two 17-year-old males and a 17-year-old female were charged with Theft of Property Over $500 and Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon.

The driver was charged with not having a Driver License.

All three are being held by Juvenile Court.

The stolen guns included a Charter Arms Corp. revolver, stolen from Arkansas and a #2 Smith & Wesson Semiautomatic gun stolen from Shelby County.

Oak Court Mall released this statement today:

"One of the key elements of Simon's comprehensive security program is to maintain a close relationship with local law enforcement authorities. We have a very good relationship with the Memphis Police Department and work side-by-side to make Oak Court Mall safe."

- Matt Beyerstedt, General Manager, Oak Court Mall


  • Loves Elvis

    Doesn’t mall management have no weapon signs up? That should have/would have prevented this.

    Sounds like the gangs are in charge of Murder Court Mall. I’ll never go there again.

    • Seriously?

      Are you kidding? Do you really think no weapon signs would have prevented anything? Thugs will do what thugs want to do. People can disregard those signs as they please.

    • Typical

      Are you REALLY that ignorat!! The guns was stolen!! You really think they will follow the law by reading a sign.

      That is the trouble right there, idiots are giving their two cents on gun control.

      No what could have prevented this is tougher laws for those caught with a loaded gun ILLIGALLY. And more businesses reallizing that legal gun permits are a added safety to them and their customers!

      • Nonya Bidness

        Isn’t it obvious that this was sarcasm?

        Hey Typical: I pray to god that you don’t have a handgun carry permit. How on earth is someone with a HCP good for a business. A HCP is for self protection. If you have a HCP and you get involved in a shootout with someone that is robbing a store and not directly pointing his gun at you than you are a criminal. Anyone with half a brain knows that a confrontation avoided is a confrontation won.

  • Bytemeagain

    Surprise surprise. When are my black brothers and sisters going to wake up and stop all this FOOLISHNESS!

  • Joe

    Classify all gang members and hood thugs as domestic terrorists and have them removed from society. They are no different than Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood..they terrorize, use violence, and destroy society. Strip them of all rights and throw them into Guantanomo. Oh, but that would be so horrible because they deserve a chance right??

    • Terrie

      I agree Joe. Send them all to Guantanomo! Consider it target practice. Now this is where it becomes stupid of this race. They all 4 know who ther shooter is but won’t tell. Why? Theys protecting him. FROM WHAT?? if theses 4 kids have parents they should be all over them to get the name out! When will they learn that by NOT telling on these pinks IS NOT PROTECTING anybody!! Stupid stupid people! Throw thays arses on jail for a couple of YEARS!

    • TehStupidIsContageous

      Kind of like Tim McVeigh. I still cant believe we let white men walk around free after they blew up OKC.

      • joe

        Tim McVeigh was executed for his crimes…in Memphis if you kill someone you’re out in 5-7 and on the streets to breed and create more thuglets to do your work.

  • Reality

    When will businesses understand – WELCOME and PUBLICIZE that you encourage law abiding, licensed to carry, citizens to shop at your stores. Stop banning the ones who follow the rules and want to spend their money at your place of business.. They might be the ones that save your life or if nothing else, deter criminals to another “less armed” location.

    (common sense)

    • Reality

      Let me add, Criminals are idiots to begin with BUT most criminals aren’t marching into gun ranges and shooting up the place…duh

    • Long Gone

      Having more guns in the malls is not an answer.
      The stolen guns included a Charter Arms Corp. revolver, stolen from Arkansas and a #2 Smith & Wesson Semiautomatic gun stolen from Shelby County.
      I bet both of these guns were legally purchased to start. Two law abiding citizens’ that didn’t secure their weapons.
      The problem’s not the guns its the justice system.

    • MissTee

      Those people are too busy letting their kids play with their guns and boo hooing on tv when they kill each other or themselves because they “never thought it would happen to them”. They just dont have time to go play John Wayne at the mall.

  • Bytemeagain

    Dear MPD,
    Go check his mama’s or grandmama’s house. They’re usually found hiding in the attic or under a bed.

    I’ll contact you later to arrange a time when I can stop by to pick up my reward money. 528-CASH.

    You’re welcome.

  • Joe

    “The victim is now in stable condition at The MED.”

    If the victim is a member of a rival gang to the suspect, I despise any nurse attempting to care for this low-life scum.

  • Elmer Fudd

    I know, I know, let’s have another “march to end violence”, and then Mayor Wharton can orchestrate another “gun buy back”, they always work. Oh wait, they’ve already done that —– umpteen times!!! What now? Kiss Oak Court Mall goodbye; and I remember EVERY Friday night we dined here with the grand kids until it got too ethnic!!! It will be Oak Court’s fault if they don’t crack the whip, but they won’t.

      • Reality

        No weapon is truly secured. That’s ridiculous. Not even in police precincts property rooms are weapons truly secured. If a criminal wants one they will find a way. WE THE PEOPLE have to be allowed by law to be prepared.

  • I'm a realist

    I’m sure the shooting was justifiable & for good reason; he probably stepped on his Js or perhaps he wasn’t from the right “hood,” you know, something sensible like that…

  • Mike Mike

    In my home country, we have security guards with M-16s at the doors of every mall, every Starbucks, every McDonald’s, literally everywhere. You can’t get in these establishments without being checked (like they do here at the Forum and at the Liberty Bowl) And it really prevents these kinds of crimes. We need this everywhere in Memphis. If a 3rd world country can do it, we can do it. And Lord knows we need it. That’s the price you pay when you have a city full of ratchets.

      • Mike Mike

        We already need it here. The crime rate in my home city is less than Memphis, and it’s in a freaking 3rd world country.

      • joe

        Memphis is a third world country already, too late…businesses have bars over the windows, you can’t be trusted to self-checkout…

        There’s a reason they call it Memphidishu

      • MissTee

        We dont need it here, and I doubt they need it in “MikeMike”s home country either. His description is what the NRA would like to have here, but i hope we have more common sense.

  • Mike Mike

    I should rephrase my original comment. There are guards at all those places I mentioned, but not all of them do a security check. They only do those at malls, hotels, office buildings, and other big/important buildings. You don’t have to go through a security check to get into McDonald’s, but there usually is a security guard with an M16 at the door. If we started doing this in Memphis, we’d have a lot more security guard jobs.

  • MissTee

    There is really no point in looking at the WREG site or reading comments anymore. There is nothing here that adds to or helps the discussion. It is constantly loaded with racist drivel from people who obviously snort drano in their spare time. Unless you require a real name Facebook login or something, you will never get a real comment section. Every single story gets slammed with hateful racist garbage, some from trolls who don’t even live in your viewing area (I guess they’ve been kicked off their local news pages already).

    • Wake Up

      It’s all those NRA members you are always squealing about. They are a dangerous lot. Now go walk down 3rd street late tonight and talk to the natives about all those dangerous NRA members

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