Warrant Issued For Oak Court Mall Shooting Suspect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) Memphis Police issued an arrest warrant for 20-year-old Otis Reddic.

Reddic is facing one count of Criminal Attempt Felony t/w First Degree Murder and seven counts of Reckless Endangerment.

Theodis Pitchford, 22, was shot inside the Oak Court Mall near a store called The Loft Thursday evening.

The victim is now in stable condition at The MED.

Police stopped a Lincoln Town Car near the mall and took four people into custody.

Police now say those people were actually with the person who was shot and did not take part in the shooting.

Inside the car, two stolen guns were found.

Dewon Avant, 19 is charged with Theft of Property Over $500 and Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon.

Two 17-year-old males and a 17-year-old female were charged with Theft of Property Over $500 and Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon.

The driver was charged with not having a Driver License.


  • BamBam84

    Hellooo? Nobody remembers the news from last year??? They had,”Active shooter DRILLS,” at Oak Court Mall, Wolf chase Mall, and an emergency drill at the airport. I’m guessing that it’s STRICTLY coincidence that two out of thee locations have had “incidents,” at them.
    Granted Wolfchase could’ve gone a lot worse. But still.
    “Keep calm. It’s just a drill.”

      • MikeBarret

        Mean while the wrong suspects were still thieves (shoplifting?), and had stolen guns, and pimptite shouldn’t have been driving anyway. Nothing shocking here

  • Paul Fischer

    I’ll give Oak Court and Wolfchase another 10 years before the become like Hickory Hills or the Raleigh Springs Malls at the rate the thugs are taking over.

  • Michelle

    NEWS CHANNEL 3 please require REAL sign in’s to stop most of the racial comments. You are not helping your community by allowing this behavior and you’re well aware of it.

    • Marsha Owens

      Hey Michelle,

      It’s far past time to move this stuff to the front & center, dontcha think???

      It’s not the fraternities or the kids in Lakeland and Collierville perping these vicious crimes.

      • Michelle

        Marsha this not the way to bring it to the front. Face to face is the way. Hiding behind anonymous comments is not.. unless you’re an anonymous instigator as well. Hmmm I bet you are. I have the education not to egg anonymous comments on. If you want to “bring it front and center” use your real FB or other log-in info. Pssst..Your I.P. address is showing…catch ya later gator.

      • MonkeeSeeMunkeeDo

        Hey Marsha, stop defending the apes and their subhuman behavior….the truth hurts, don’t it?

      • MissTee

        Michelle, of course, you’re right. These trolls have nothing better to do than spread their vile poo all over what should be a legitimate news site. But they would never have the guts to identify themselves and stand behind their evil beliefs. Like all racists, they are cowards.

      • MissTee

        Long Gone, They don’t have the stones to go after anyone or even to reveal their name. They’ve never been accountable for anything they’ve said or done. They’ve never had to be responsible for anything. These are guys that rarely leave their moms basement. It’s a shame they choose to waste their life intent on spreading ignorance.

  • Bytemeagain

    Otis, Theodis, Dewon……shocker. I couldn’t be any more surprised if their names were Pooky, Ray Ray, and Deshuntae.

  • Larry O'Kelley

    l I was able to except all the raciest coments about the monkeys and all until MLK was mentioned.I carry to protect myself and family.If you don’t like Memphis!!!!!!!! LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elismom

    Half the people on here making these rude and racist comments need to get a life, a hobby, and a job (I’m sure they probably don’t have a career if all they do is go around this forum making illiterate comments) you people making these comments are low-lifes and the scum of the earth…you all are responsible for the crime. Your ignorance proves it.

  • tamija avant

    Half of you stupid mfs dont know what yall talking bout.and for the mfs that commented on my sons name dewon dont comment on him u stupid mfs.

      • Elismom

        Joe censored…you sir or possiblt ma’am are an idiot. You d be censored because it should be a crime for you to spread the stupidity like you do. It’s no one’s fault as to why your life is substandard. You need to acquire some type of life, you bigot. Everytime I see you one of your posts, I laugh because your unhappiness and jealousy shows.

      • Joe Censored

        Elismom, your MCS “edumakation” is showing… or lack there of. Please work on your spelling skills and while you are at it, try some complete sentences as well. Now you can go and have yourself a wonderful day!!!

      • MissTee

        Elismom, I think you might give him an aneurism with words like “substandard”. Way too many letters and syllables for his poor brain to process.

      • Elismom

        I see you’re still going around posting your ignorance…it’s really sad and laughable. I have made a vow to follow you on this forum and troll around just like you do. See you around joe…I’ll try my best to post right behind you when you post your garbage…I can’t guarantee I’ll be on every post because I have an actual life…but trust me, I will be there because it’s inevitable that you’ll post something ignorant…see you around chimp!!!

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