Crime’s Impact On Attracting New Businesses To Memphis

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(Memphis) One day after the shooting inside Oak Court Mall, police and security officers can be seen in and around the parking area.

But it's been a violent few months at some of the city's premier malls that now have a tarnished image.

Ann Cameron is a Memphis shopper. She says she feels safe, but she's quite aware of the crime problem in the city.

"There's a lot of publicity. That's on the news all the time about it," Cameron said.

In January, robbers rushed into Reeds Jewelers in Wolfchase Galleria and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Rolex watches.

About a week later, Kay Jewelers in Oak Court Mall was robbed by a gunman who grabbed several items and ran.

Lucy Alexander shops in Memphis and she said she's concerned about crime, "If I didn't live here I wouldn't move here because of the crime. That's right."

Could that be why some high-end stores aren't in Memphis?

The city does have several high-end stores, but some city leaders speculate that a combination of crime and economics are the reason why some businesses are not coming to Memphis.

Jim Strickland is Memphis City Council Chairman, "I think to attract business and people we have to make Memphis more safe."

Strickland says even though the city's crime rates have dropped, it's still not enough to keep some companies and people from moving out.

"I want to focus on all businesses, the high-end stores and low-end stores and people, populations. Both populations and businesses are moving out of Memphis. We need to reverse that and drastically reduce crime," Strickland said.

Crime in Memphis, some say it will have to be reduced if the city wants more companies to move to here and for Memphians to feel safe.

"I just wish, I wish we could get a handle on it. You know," Alexander said.

WREG reached out to several companies such as Neiman Marcus and others to find out specifically why they haven't located in Memphis. So far, our calls and emails haven't been returned.


  • Reah

    I use to live in Memphis, I came home to visit my family and what a mess my hometown has become I was afraid to get out the car at one store and we were in a use the to be good neighborhood Cordova, what happened?

    • Long Gone

      After several incidents, I left Cordova in 2006. I relized I could do nothing to change the direction and the Mayor said if you don’t like it leave. Being in the northern hemispere I understand Cordova is slowly spining in a clockwise direction.

  • joe

    Once again WREG hides behind the OBVIOUS reason no businesses want to come to Memphis…the thug culture.

  • 1midtownmike

    Herenton & Ford Sr. began running off a tax base some 20+ years ago because Memphis “needed a black mayor.”

    Not a politician, businessman or community leader, but “a black mayor.”

    Blacks can be racist also.

  • joe

    “I want to focus on all businesses, the high-end stores and low-end stores and people, populations. Both populations and businesses are moving out of Memphis. We need to reverse that and drastically reduce crime,” Strickland said.

    And the solution to the problem is:

    Ban baggy pants wearing ghetto thugs, ban gangs, classify them as domestic terrorists, round them up and jail them all. You hide a gang member or have one living with you, you are harboring a terrorist and in the same boat.

    The city will be cleaned up and crime free in five years if you put this in action.

  • hateliberalcommies

    Just another left-wing liberal system ruining a once great city. Now look what you got,,a warzone,,cesspool of thugs,drugs and people like snobeast trying to defend them..

    • LaDarius

      Snowbeast – Thanks for the outdated videos from around the world! Here is some information & statistics closer to home. Of the last 40 arrest in Shelby county, 35 black perps, 5 white, 0 hispanic. You can go at ANY time and check the list yourself – see the last 72 hours at the following link, or download the jail’s incarcerated roster list from the main site, or see the demographics of Shelby County’s MOST WANTED:

      Looking forward to YOUR investigative efforts, presented in a clear, concise format of easily deciphered English! Thanks again Snowy.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    The “Real Problem” is a total lack of leadership in our city and county governments. You can not make me believe that you can’t get a better handle on crime in our city if that was the concentration of our mayor and his police director. Instead, they had rather pretend that crime is down so no need to worry. Perhaps if the News Media didn’t play up these situations so much, I mean every hour they come on with supposedly “Breaking News,” yet it’s the same news from the last news cast. They really like to put a spin on these incidents, yet they wonder why we the people have the perception that crime is on the rise. The Commercial Appeal is as much a part of the problem as our media stations. They seldom ever report any good news, and yes, there are some good things going on in this city, and I am not talking about Bike Lanes. We the people can not let the thugs hold us hostage. I agree with the person who wrote that gangs should be treated as terrorist, why, because that’s what they are.

  • nick gerz

    don’t you remember its the name of the confederate park that’s keeping business away one of our distinguished city council members said that a few years ago

  • anna

    this town will never get better because of all the corruption in the police department and government, and people throwing garbage out the windows and using empty lots as a landfill. People that do not take pride in where they live shows the cesspool of Shelby county and memphis as always will be.

  • Spell check this BI-TCH

    Cordova??? Clinton gave all the monkeys free house and it ruined a lot of good neighborhoods. Wyndyke. Go there. Looks like a Jungle.

  • italian

    This town is made up of trailer trash, gang bangers, trigger happy cops, corrupted police force, corrupted government, that pretty much sums up lliving in memphis and shelby county.

  • smith

    Memphis the welfare city has be come of age, What about taxes, fees, tax a pushing people out of the city. and poor leadership.

  • Spell check this BI-TCH

    LaDarious that was a great post. Snowy is just stupid and doesn’t want to except the truth.

  • snowbeastsareuglyandstink

    Well, let me make it simple. I have posted videos to show due to you cave beasts being a hybrid “people”your hypocrisy and propensity for robbing, killing, corrupting, raping, and general devilish behavior is world wide. Case in point, Please show me where I have ever defended wrong doing by ANYBODY? To address your lie you posted. THAT proves you beast are incapable of truth true devils.

  • snowbeastsareuglyandstink

    Example of white foolishness whites are incapable of dissenting views or critical thinking. Cowards such as Limbaugh and hannity thinks for them. True punks

  • Spell check this BI-TCH

    Snowy we need to go hunting. Just saying. I think I can straighten your vision out. Funny how you try so hard to make white people look like we are doing the majority of the crime but it’s your cousins. Face the truth. You are a monkey and always will be. Your black brothers n sisters are the root of the evil.

  • snowbeastsareuglyandstink

    DIDN’T you hear the news? The only “people” with monkey Dna are the whites. Is that the best you got? Filthy incestuous nehathdreal white dof smelling cave beasts.


    Reading the comments here gives insight to the amount of ignorance in Memphis. Evidently a lack of respect for another person is the order of the day in this area and there is nothing any government official can do about that. However there can be a better use of law enforcement and the judicial system by going after those who harm others (rapists, killers, thieves. etc) instead of constantly using questionable tactics to entrap & incarcerate people for online prostitution that no one sees.

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