Defeat For Victory University; Doors Closing

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(Memphis) Victory University abruptly announced plans to close for good.

This leaves nearly 1,600 students left to wonder, what happens now?

Some of them didn't even know their school was closing until they saw it on the news.

The university's administration said money problems left them no other choice.

Some students we talked to are still waiting on refunds from the school from the beginning of the semester.

They knew the school was having financial issues, but they had no idea it had come to this.

"This is my last year. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know if my credits are going to transfer somewhere else so I'm just going up in here to try to find out what's going on," said student Jessica Jeans.

Jeans rushed to campus after hearing the news that Victory University was closing. She had no idea until she saw it on WREG, and neither did April Thornton.

"It felt like home. Staff is good. I knew it was some problems but I didn't think it would lead to closing," said student April Thornton.

Victory is a small liberal arts college located on Highland Avenue. It has undergone name changes over the years.: Mid-South Bible Center, Crichton College, and in 2012, it became Victory University after investors turned to a for-profit model.

They expanded online classes, added athletics, and grew enrollment to almost 2,000 students at one point. Enrollment is currently at 1,600.

Still, the school is struggling financially.

"I think what has impacted our institution is the ability to attract new money new funding. We've managed well with what we've had but we are in a position where we needed more to sustain the institution," Dr. Sherryl Weems, provost, said.

Victory students will be able to finish the semester - the last day for classes is May 2nd - but Friday is the last day for full-time faculty and staff.

Those who are willing to work part-time can stay until May.

"It's a lot of good people who work here. It's going to hurt them also but we've just got to keep praying and keep our dreams alive," said employee Morteis Johnson.

The University of Memphis is holding a special Saturday registration for those Victory students wanting to enroll there.

U of M staff, as well as undergraduate and graduate advisors, will be available to review transcripts, answer admissions questions and help students apply to transfer to the University of Memphis.

Victory students can come to the information desk in the lobby of Wilder Tower on the U of M campus between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on March 22.

They should bring photo identification and a copy of their transcript.

Students can also contact the U of M admissions office at 901-678-2111 or


  • Faith R

    Who is your source for this information? Isn’t it a bit rude to report this if we the students have not received official notification?

    • Student

      The school wasn’t even going to say anything…had to go up there and see what is going on! Everybody looking out for themselves at this point they don’t care anymore. So I thank WREG for reporting so I did have some type of information because I was in the dark. No thanks to Victory.

    • Beth B.

      Fiath, current notification IS in our student emails. The school IS closing. M4 Spring classes WILL be the LAST classes. After March 22, transcripts will be available and Academic Advisers Are supposed to contact ALL students to inform them of Partnering Schools that will ACCEPT our credit transfers. Blessings to you and the rest of our classmates!

      • Faith R.


        Thank you for YOUR comment HOWEVER, my comment was made for the OFFICIAL notification that was sent to our emails yesterday evening!!!

  • Some Body

    I’m sure their intent was not to be rude and obviously the school was their source. I doubt they fabricated the report. Could be part and parcel to the problem if you know what I mean. Maybe the school should have handled the release AND their finances differently. It surely wasn’t an enrollment problem. Schools are businesses, and unfortunately it met the agony of defeat.

    • Faith R.

      I attend this school and will be graduating in May. Tegardless of what the finances of the school is, it was tacky for WREG to report this without the students being notified. Even the title of the story is tacky….

      To the investors and the developer of NGL, you have pulled the carpet from under of thousands of students and staff that believed in Victory and left us holding the bag!

      Shame on you all!!!

      • tigerfan

        Shame on Victory for releasing the news to all the local news outlets long before alerting students and their families. I believe your anger is misdirected. Perhaps this is a stellar example of the mismanagment that has forced it’s closing.

      • Ms.Jones

        Oh boo fricking hoo….get over yourself already. What wonderful world you live in; one where YOUR feelings and emotions are taken into consideration first. Build a bridge, and cross it.

      • Some Body

        I tend to agree with the title comment; however, how do you think they would even know if the students have been notified or not? Don’t blame the media for the schools inadequacies /deficiencies.

  • Courtney

    This is par for the course in dealing with V.U. They have out and out been lying to students for quite some time now regarding the state of affairs at the school and this leaves all of us wondering what our next steps will be. I have or should I say had 7 classes left to complete before obtaining my degree! Now I will probably end up losing more credits than I should due to their lies!

    • Ellen

      Victory University is nothing like Lambuth! Lambuth was not a for profit college, and did not have fruit-basket turnover each semester with their student body. Lambuth got into financial trouble largely because the number of scholarships that were given, as well as other poor business decisions. Over the last four years, VU has been operating as a means for the investors to get rich, preying on military students and those dependent on financial aid. Victory University is a completely different college than Crichton College, which was founded and operated on Christian principles. It’s a shame what has happened to what was once a very good and well respected college.

      • Shirley

        They have trouble a lot of students but what goes around will come back around.We need to continue in doing good in the name of Jesus and we will have the last laugh but pray for those who made those bad business decisions that interrupted our education.

  • nick gerz

    is this the same victory university founded by the founder of the christan taliban,jerry fallwell? bet they are haven’t had problems with money after suckering people with a worthless degree!

  • mark

    Consider yourselves lucky if you change colleges and attend one that doesn’t have a whacky religion as part of it’s curriculum.

  • Some Body

    @nick, nope not the same one… Hopefully they will maintain their Charter of Incorporation, and records with SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), and THEC (Tennessee Higher Education Commission) for the people that have a degree accreditation.

  • Alia

    I am a student here but the only reason I stayed was because I had a scholarship here. The school started going downhill when it lost its BS in Teaching accreditation back in 2011. The school’s been on probation since last summer, and in the back of my mind, I just knew that the school would not pull through. I know I will succeed but I feel for the wonderful professors who are going to lose their jobs, as well as the other students that were so close to graduating. This is a sucky situation to be in at the moment, but I believe that we will all be able to move on to bigger and greater things, just as long as we stay positive and see the good in this situation. Life has a lot of twists and turns, and this is just one of them. Keep your heads up Victory students and staff.

  • student/staff

    I am a student as well as a worker at the institution. The school made a bad investment in a learning system for online students. Victory university was truly a wonderful place with faculty who care. Most of the good people had left victory last year and we’re replaced with some useless people. However, victory university has been a huge blessing in my life.

  • Don

    This news breaks my heart. The importance of Bible-based higher education cannot be overstated. Victory University and its students have suffered through so many difficult months. We are praying for the staff, faculty, and students. May God guide you as you consider your next steps.

  • LaDarius

    Victory University….? In Tennessee, in Memphis? Never heard of it. 1500 students? Hmmmm sounds like a High School. Close it down and move on – transfer the students to Univ of Memphis (if they can get in). Otherwise, just let them go back to their churches and pray! SORRY!

      • Ms.Jones

        Faith, watch my tone or else what? I have my degree from an established univerity, one that can stand the test of time and financial difficulties….can you say the same? Why for are you crying, little baby? Because you knew well in advance that you were putting your stock into something that had a shaky foundation to begin with? You are upset with the wrong person, my dear. Buck up, sport. Dust off your knees and get back to reality. It’s ok having to start from scratch. Sometimes, that the best, seeing as how the first inital product (your worthless degree from a worthless institution) would have been a bust anyway. Cheers!!

      • Faith R.

        May God bless and have mercy on you because your words will you eat. The proud and sarcastic will be made low.

        Good bye

    • V for Failure


      Good one: we all know University of Memphis is the Mecca of Education. Oh wait, it is the laughing stock of TN public colleges and universities. Your comments would have been more effective referencing UT Knox., MTSU, UT Chattanooga, UT Martin, even Austin Pea State University–not to mention the only two good schools in Memphis (albeit private institutions): Rhodes and CBU. Unless you’re in Egyptology, creative writing, law, or perhaps continental philosophy, then U of M is likely a bad choice.

      P.S. I’m sorry your mother ruined what otherwise would have been a beautiful Persian name. The French feminine article in front of a Persian name seems ignorant. Oh wait . . . . U of M . . .

  • Faith R.

    Ms. Jones,

    Only the cowardly post anonymously. What is your real name and the university you claim? Anyone can hurl insults from a computer.

  • Concerned Educator

    Unfortuately, I taught for this train wreck (not on the main campus), but at a satelite campus and online.

    I was disappointed on all levels. Administration, administrative support, cost, etc. This is what happens when “business professionals” turn schools into for profit nightmares.

    I believe that many of the educators at the school care for the success of the students, but those calling the shots care more about profit. They deplete students’ financial aid leaving them with nothing to show for it. Shame on Significant Education for not making students first.

    I was in the trenches. Students were admitted to classes for which they had little to no foundation. Acceptance to the school was granted if the applicant had a pulse (bodies =profit). Plagiarism ran rampant. I refused to pass students who could not meet the minimal requirements or who plagiarized.

    In fact, the organization that Victory had partnered with gave the school the boot about a year ago. It was no secret that this was a sinking ship.

    To blame NGL is ludicrous. It is not the most user friendly system, but I teach for another school who uses it and I don’t have the issues I had at Victory. During my time there I was concerned with the adminstration. I know of more than one person who was promoted and given a title that he/she was not qualified for.

    I couldn’t continue to teach for an institution that continuously failed its students. I can only do so much to ensure success. Without a strong foundation and support system it’s no wonder the school failed.

    I feel so sorry for the students who were sold on false promises. Save your money. Complete general ed at a community college and transfer to a school that cares about you and not your money.

    • Faith R.

      Concerned educator,

      Ngl is to blame because the investors placed their money on the word of its developer and it cost more money to keep it although it was supposed to be free. In order to understand why NGL is to blame you will need to know the story behind it.

  • polo solo6

    This is a sad situation especially when people are trying to better themselves in Memphis. Things like this makes bad conditions worst and innocent people are paying for it.

  • Crysti H

    What I need to know is what will former students do in the future to obtain transcripts if needed?

  • danielle

    I am a current graduate from Victory University and I will be the first to say u can take your sarcasam and shove it up your butt. My degree was not only well earned, it is just a prestigious as yours. I am teaching in my field , with my degree and I am pretty sure I learned the same thing that your education department taught. You don’t understand what the big deal is because at your school , it is obvious that you were simply just a number. Here at Victory our professors and staff took pride in knowing us by name. They took the time to make sure we were successful . Unless you have simethi f positive to say…… go get a clue ….. oh and BE BLESSED!

  • Crysti H

    I was a student back in 2000/2001 when it was still Crichton, before the campus moved to the Highland location. When I attended Crichton, it was very organized and I guarantee you that the classes were tough and the grades/degrees were earned, not bought. I do not know what went on with the school after it was bought out and changed to “Victory University”, but it is sad when the college you attended is closed just like that. I loved my experience with Crichton. It was MUCH better than my experience with Ole Miss.

  • Donna Loyacano

    I find it very sad that people learning of this school closing cannot come together in support of the others, who are affected by this closing. Regardless of the whys and wherefores of the whole thing, there are still a lot of people whose lives are going to change in ways they didn’t imagine. From the faculty and staff losing their jobs, to the students who may or may not have trouble with credits, it is not an enviable situation at all. So instead of criticizing or outright sniping about it and/or the situation and the people, have a heart people, and come together in support of the people dealing with this. If you pray, then pray for them, if not, then send good thoughts their way. But please stop all the negativity.


    Donna L.

    • John Hagerty

      I agree with you, too much negativety being written about this subject. Currently, I am a student at Victory University. I must say that this news is devastating to me, but my prayers are with the staff and faculty of the university and their families. I believe the administrators have failed the students and staff and should be ashamed of their actions. After 35 years, this year I decided to further my education and chose Victory, I was having a blast. I truly loved being back in school and was learning so much. As my wife told me this morning upon learning this news, “God closed this door but He will open up another one”.

  • Lena

    Thanks to Victory, I am currently doing well at UT Knoxville grad school. The staff was great greed caused this school to close.

  • eilis_artis

    Christi H

    When a college closes, another college/university becomes the repository for the records. All transcript requests are handled by that college.

    In the current financial climate, many smaller colleges are cutting programs, faculty, staff and benefits to keep their doors open. I worked a total of 25 years at 2 colleges — one of which is now in danger of closing or being taken over by a larger university..

    • Donna Loyacano

      Does the college that ia closing usually notify students where their records will be kept?


      Donna L.

  • J Parker

    When it’s all said and done, Victory University is closing. People are losing their jobs and students will have to retrack their lives to find another institution. It is time to pray. Faith we can blame everyone and everything but it’s over. Just try to rebuild your life from this point. And to Ms. Jones, it obvious you hold a degree which requires you to obtain knowledge. However, you lack that one powerful tool wisdom. To downgrade people’s educational background is completely uncalled for. I am too a product of Crichton College. To say my degree has been worthless is wrong on all levels. In some cases, when you think you have knowledge you can speak so foolishly. Lets pray for the individuals affected instead of this other nonsense. Bless you all for real!

  • SignificantFools

    The same investor group, headed by Michael Clifford, did the same thing to Meyers/Chancellor University in Cleveland, Ohio, which is also now closed. Sad.

  • Spell Check This Bi-tch

    Faith, it was probably good that the shut down was reported. Could have been a positive more than a negative. Saved people money, their time and gas driving. Maybe money from preregistration. Not being ugly but this is the World today and get ready for it. It once was a nice world but it will keep getting worse. Look at the mistake in office in Washington DC. Good luck too you and others in the future.

    On to another Topic called Education. I encourage everyone to get an education but an Education is exactly an Education. It doesn’t promise you a job. I own several business’s. I know people with Master Degrees that are qualified and more qualified than most. Has a hard work ethic but can’t get jobs. With that said don’t think your degree assures you a job. The job market is flooded where people will work for less than half of what the job did once pay.

    Do something different. Do you know what lies outside of your comfort zone? OPPERTUNITY

    I found something awesome you gotta see. If keep your career options open them send a mail me at tnvolsfan 32 at ya-hoo dot -com

    Blessing and life changer. You don’t know what you don’t know.

  • invisible

    I am currently a student here. N have been for 2 years. It has been the worst college experienced ever. This school has stressed my out from the begining.

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