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Eleven SCS Schools Closed Thursday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Shelby County) From Shelby County Schools:

All but eleven (10) SCS schools will be in session Thursday, March 6, 2014. All District bus lots can now be accessed, and power has been restored at all schools. Additionally, temperatures are expected to remain above freezing. 

All before- and after-school activities, including athletics, will be held as regularly scheduled at schools that are open. The District’s Facilities and Maintenance staff worked extremely hard to clear sidewalks and school lots of debris and ensure schools are safe for students to return. While road conditions are greatly improved across the city and county, we urge parents and employees to use caution when driving to and from school.

The following schools will be closed tomorrow because the school grounds or roads leading to the schools are still unsafe for travel, and we do not expect conditions to improve in these areas by morning.

  • Bolton High School
  • Northaven Elementary
  • Millington Central High School
  • Millington Middle School
  • Millington Elementary School
  • EA Harrold Elementary School
  • E.E. Jeter Elementary School
  • Lucy Elementary School
  • Barret’s Chapel Elementary School
  • Woodstock Middle School
  • Renaissance Academy North


All school-based employees in schools that are open should report to work for normal school hours. ALL bus drivers should also report to work tomorrow, even those who serve schools on the closed list. Only non-instructional operational staff (i.e. maintenance/facilities) should contact their supervisors regarding duties in schools that are closed on Thursday. 


  • Don

    If I had a child in school in Tipton or north Shelby county I would not let my child get on a School bus. I live about 100 yards from the Shelby / Tipton line, and I believe we had more icing here than it did in the middle & south Shelby.
    I saw a live shot on TV in Olive Branch and couldn’t believe what I saw, no snow at all.

  • no love


    • Don

      You may not know it, but the public schools are paid based on the students that are present each day.

      Did you ever wonder why, when the weather starts to get bad in the morning they don’t dismiss the students until after noon? The students have to be there to a certain time before they leave for them (the school) to be paid

      Same thing about closing schools. If you don’t have enough students they can’t stay in the black money wise.

  • Diane DRKEATON

    This is crazy. It’s about the money not the kids. If we are considered apart of the shelby county district. All schools should still be closed .This is ridiculous. . At least the students will have their heads on right by next wk, off to a fresh start. Dividing is how things got messed up in the beginning.It shouldn’t always be a $ sign in one’s face, or on his mind, we do love our kids and look out 4 their safety.if something was 2 happen 2 to them, the only thing the school staff can say “We’re sorry this happened.”Wake up!

  • Nelson Padilla

    Schools in SCS all should be closed tomorrow because 50% or less or more I don’t really know live far away from some of their schools and the streets are really dangerous after the snow.

  • Amy

    It isn’t about the money or the temperature, it’s about safety. Maybe you should drive into Tipton county and north Shelby county back roads…

  • jesse

    So what happend with the ACT is.it still scheduled for tommorrow or has it been.rescheduled ….
    Someone plz tell me

  • Really

    I didn’t know you can close some schools(more than 5) in the district without closing them all? This seems like a really strange situation, I’m not ate I completely agree with the decision here, makes things too complicated. Either close none or all of the schools….

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