SWAT Team Takes Over Neighborhood

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(Nesbit, MS) The DeSoto Sheriff’s SWAT team bursts though the front door to save a group of hostages...during a training exercise in the home of Alan Brosnan of Nesbit.

”Well, it’s a good location as far as being a cul-de-sac and off the main routes and so forth.”

He’s helping the SWAT team, which is due to host the 14th annual “breacher symposium” in Memphis this fall.

That’s BREACH, as in "burst in and save the day," and this real-life situation provides real-life experience.

”’Cause the set-up is like a real-life scenario where we can use our assets, check our gear, things like that,” said Captain Ray Henley of the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department.

Police train in arenas, and at special training facilities, but Captain Henley says there’s nothing like practicing in the real world.

”We’ve set up a hostage scenario in the residence here. We set it up from start to finish and right now we’re just going through the motions of making sure we get the hostages out safe.”

Officers recorded the practice for review and for the symposium website.

What do the rest of the neighbors think about SWAT training on their street?

Everybody was on board with it, except one neighbor who worried about loud noises scaring their horses.

The SWAT officers didn’t use any live rounds, so loud noises weren’t a problem.

And Brosnan didn’t worry about anything getting broken.

”Not at all. There’s no damage done, and what it is, it gives them a house with furniture and a realistic setting.”

And hopefully some of that realistic experience will save lives in the future.

The breach symposium website.

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