Shooting Is Second Time Bartlett Search Warrant Ended In Gunfire

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Update 3/19) It turns out the man in this story was not shot by police but by another suspect. Read more HERE

(Memphis) Thursday morning's shooting during a search warrant serving wasn’t the first time Bartlett police have crossed the borders into Memphis and shot a suspect.

Like many, the two towns have an agreement allowing the others law enforcement agency to cross borders to execute a warrant.

It was almost four years ago when Bartlett officers went to North Memphis to serve a warrant, but ended up shooting and killing the suspect.

"Ain't nothing new. That's all I can tell you ain't nothing new,” said an unidentified North Memphis neighbor.

Next week is the four-year anniversary of the shooting at 1346 Standridge that put the actions of Bartlett police officers under investigation.

They shot and killed Malcolm Shaw, a suspected drug dealer, inside the home after they say he pointed a gun at them.

They did not alert Memphis police they were coming.

Years later, one of Shaw’s neighbors is still reluctant to talk about it, but agreed to an anonymous interview.

He said, “I don't need to be messed with."

The past actions of Bartlett police have some Memphis city council members asking questions about today’s shooting.

On Facebook, Wanda Halbert posted, “Bartlett police have shot another Memphis resident in Memphis? How and why does this keep happening? #emails have already been sent!!!!!!!!”

Halbert later posted, “I'm getting up right now and headed down town!!! #sowhat I know I'm not the police but that won't stop me from making sure our citizens aren't used as prey!!!!!!"

WREG is also asking questions.

We asked Memphis police where its officers were located when Bartlett fired on the suspect and were told they assisted in the action but did not fire.

While the Shaw shooting four years ago was ruled justifiable, neighbors still aren’t sure that was the right call.

It will take at least several days before we learn if today’s shooting is considered justifiable and why Bartlett officers opened fire.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Shaw’s family is still involved in a lawsuit over the shooting.

They say that because Shaw was shot in the back, it proves he was no threat to officers.


  • wallace

    Maybe if they quit selling their dope in Bartlett and stop pointing gun at their officers they want get shot. You make your bed, now you can sleep in it 6 ft down

    • Paula

      Sell your dope in Frayser, Hickory Hill, Orange Mound, Fox Meadow s, or Cordova. However, if you choose to sell in Germantown, Collierville or Bartlett use extreme caution.

      • polo solo6

        You happy mf will get the same treatment, mess up because a poor red neck ain’t nothing but a majority. You can pretend you one of the elite if you want to.

    • Paula

      Good job guys. Wanda Halbert should be ashamed of her pro drug dealer rants. She and her buddy Fulllove do keep me entertained with their racist actions. LOL

      • Don

        On Facebook, Wanda Halbert posted, “Bartlett police have shot another Memphis resident in Memphis? How and why does this keep happening? #emails have already been sent!!!!!!!!”

        Sounds like the city council not only threaten businesses, now some of them want to tackle law enforcement also.

        Bet WREG won’t post this.

  • The End

    I agree stop selling in bartlett they don’t play that mess. Why bring up shaw who cares , just another drug dealing thug that’s dead, it was ruled justified let it go.

  • Wreg-Fan

    O my word…..Bartlett has struck again I live in Bartlett and these cops DO NOT PLAY.They are a small town that makes there own rules

  • Jerry

    Wanda Halbert, the Memphis drug dealers best friend. Maybe if someone attacks you in the middle of the night, you can call one of your drug dealing friends to help ya out. Ms. Halbert is a text book example why Memphis is turning into Little Detroit.

  • kevin

    these comment are bias stop using drugs in bartlett all the professional addicts live there.holding good jobs and sprung on drugs.arrest them dont kill jus cant take ppl lives cause you can.drug dealer addicts are ppl too.

    • polo solo6

      Exposing the facts the drug business is booming in Bartlett especially in the affluent hoods. If Bartlett addicts went to rehab illegal drug sales would drop dramatically and quickly. Follow the money and stop indulging in the drugs and posting. ?. Wreg!

  • Todd

    So if a Memphis police officer shoots a suspected criminal that happens to be black it’s just your typical everyday news headline. But because WREG along with a member of the city council have decided that ONLY white people live & work inside Bartlett this all of a sudden becomes an issue of race? Sounds to me like WREG & Wanda Halpert are just trying to further divide people for the sake of publicity & ratings. “WREG On Your Side”… unless we can spin the story into a Black VS White debate.

  • Jesse

    Wanda Halbert is using the citizens of Memphis as her prey, preying on their ignorance for her benefit to be re- elected. You should not comment until all the facts are in.

  • Jesse

    Wanda Halbert you prey on people from Memphis for votes. If you read your FB post you really sound like most elected officials from Memphis. Before you open your trap make sure you have the facts if you care about the residents of Memphis. Make them proud of you not ashamed of you!

    • Jesse

      Polo solo6 you’re just another prey, you must wanna have her re-elected or elected to represent you! Oh, btw nothing to be angry about, especially her!

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