Frayser Residents Sleeping In Cars, Using Oven As Heater Until Power Comes Back On

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(Memphis, TN) Thousands of people in Memphis could be without heat and electricity for another day.

MLGW is working around the clock to try to restore power after a tree-snapping ice storm hit the Mid-South Sunday.

MLGW says Frayser and Shelby Forrest were hit the hardest, because so many trees and power poles snapped in half.

Some neighborhoods have been without power for three days.

"The house is cold! I sleep under [my bed]. There are a lot of covers," said 72-year-old Perry Cobb.

He has stacked every blanket on his bed. Right now, it's the warmest place in his Frayser home. He says you can "see your breath" at night in his house.

"It is hard. I have to boil water, so I can wash up. I can't get a shower. I can't go in the bathroom, because it's too cold," said Cobb.

He owns one flashlight. It's enough to help him get around.

But as a 12-stroke survivor, the cold is starting to affect his health.

Cobb has no family nearby. His kids are to far away to come get him. He wants to go to a warming shelter, but can't drive.

"I don't have anyone to help me," said Cobb

So until the power turns back on, "I come in the kitchen, turn the gas on," and he gets heat in front of stove and oven.

Perry's neighbors told WREG they've been sleeping in cars or in hotel rooms.

MLGW said 5,000 households are still without power as of Wednesday afternoon.

Crews hope to restore everyone's electricity by Thursday night.


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