Man Shot As Bartlett Police Serve Warrant

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It turns out the man shot while police served a warrant for drugs was not shot by Bartlett police.

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(Memphis) Bartlett Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting, after a suspect was sent to the hospital with a bullet in his buttocks.

The shooting happened just around the corner from the Westwood Community Center in Memphis.

Most cities and towns in our area have agreements that allow another law enforcement agency to serve a warrant in their jurisdiction with prior notice.

One man is in the hospital and several others are in custody after the shooting on Ledbetter in the Westwood community.

It all started around 7 a.m. Wednesday when Bartlett’s SWAT Team, with the help of Memphis Police’s Organized Crime Unit, executed a drug search warrant.

“During entry a suspect exited an upstairs window armed with a pistol and pointed it at officers. Officers did fire their weapons and the suspect was hit,” said Inspector Steve Todd.

Bartlett PD said the suspect was hit in the buttocks.

He was taken to The MED and is expected to be OK.

Several other people were put into the back of squad cars and later taken to 201 Poplar.

“They were also inside the residence during the search warrant so everyone is under arrest,” said Todd.

Todd says Bartlett Police served that warrant even though the house was in Memphis because the crimes initiated in Bartlett and some of the narcotics were found there.

After searching the crime scene, the officers who fired shots were temporarily relieved of duty for a procedural investigation of what happened.


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