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Southaven Offers Amnesty For Misdemeanor Warrants

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(Southaven, MS) Lakevia Flowers came to Southaven court to pay her ticket because she knows going to court here is no picnic.

”It was crowded, I know that. But other than that, the judge, he did work with me or whatever.”

This week only, Southaven is giving people with outstanding warrants the chance to settle up with the city on some generous terms.

Under ‘Operation Safe Surrender’, all anyone with a warrant has to do is come to court, pay $350 and work out terms for the rest of their fines.

If they do, a judge will dismiss their warrant.

”Warrant guys came to me and wanted to try to find a way to take care of some of the warrants that we have that are bench warrants issued by the judge,” said Southaven Police Lieutenant Mark Little.

Those are things like failure to appear, or probation violations.

Why take advantage of the amnesty? Lieutenant Little says with more companies checking criminal histories everyone needs to have a clean slate.

”With the way people are tying to gain employment now, the employers are doing background checks. If the warrant shows up, you don’t get a job” said Little.

The program only runs Tuesday and Thursday of this week from noon until 7 p.m.

Little says they’ve already cleared 200 warrants and collected $7,500 for the city.

People like Flowers like the idea.

”It gives ‘em a second chance, so you won’t get locked up or whatever.”

Which she says is not the kind of trouble anyone needs.