Shelby County Schools Closed Wednesday

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(Shelby County) For the third day in a row, Shelby County Schools has canceled classes.

From SCS:

All SCS schools will be closed on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. All before- and after-school activities, including athletics, will also be canceled. All District offices will be open during regular business hours. 
The decision to close schools was made due to the factors below:
Based on reports from city and county officials and a first-hand review of areas throughout the district by the SCS Transportation/Safety team, we know that an overwhelming majority of streets in the city and suburbs are clear. However, dangerous conditions still exist in some of our rural areas.
Presently, over 40 schools are impacted by ice and snow, mostly in the Northern region. Because bus schedules throughout the district are inter-related, it is difficult to close only this region. For instance, the Millington area bus lot serves dozens of schools across the Northern portion of the district, including some within the city of Memphis. Special education buses also transport students to cluster programs throughout the city and suburbs.
We have several schools, some within the city, where parts of buildings cannot be accessed due to icy conditions. At least five schools are also without power, including three in Memphis. Additionally, reported icy roads and sidewalks and downed trees and power lines in the city and county may also impact students walking or being driven to school. 
Additionally, more schools could be impacted by morning due to the likelihood of conditions to worsen as existing snow and ice melts and temperatures continue to drop further below freezing.
All employees who work in an administrative office should report for regular business hours. Only non-instructional operational staff (i.e. maintenance/facilities) should contact their supervisors regarding duties in schools on Wednesday. All other school-based employees, including principals, should not report to work.

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    • aubrey

      Typical? Since when is a decision to protect the safety and lives of children and school workers typical? Maybe if you read the entire article it may be clearer to you. I think the school officials made the right decision.

    • martha

      Not sure where you live Joe, but drive out to Shelby Forest and you might be more aware of why the schools in this area should be closed.

  • Scotty

    Good job shelby, I would like to thank the men and women of the school board for taking into account student safety when making this decision. I think all parents can back up the county in saying this is the right decision, no one wants their child to potentially be in danger while traveling to school.

  • Scotty

    Also, you guys should understand that the county has five built in snow days anyway, so if there was never a chance for inclement weather we would only go 175 days out of the year anyway. So actually, using up these inclement days is not counter-productive, because they were made to be used up. Just something you guys should think about.

    • John S

      Just because those days are built in doesn’t mean you take them .Im sure
      people in those rural areas managed to go to work today and if they
      didn’t they probably managed to go to walmart right?..

      • Thomas H. Evans

        Do you really think they took a day “just because,” apparently you have no kids in school, and if you do they apparently don’t ride a school bus. This was done for the safety of our kids, no other reason; and if they had not made the decision, and a child was hurt, you would be the first one on here saying how stupid they were to not close the school. Stop being a hater and try reading the entire article.

  • lizmaladd

    This is the right decision I’m a mail carrier for rural parts of Memphis & some of the roads are still not suitable for busses! Great Jpb SCS!

  • Kids are not STUPID

    WOW! I can’t believe some of the comments that I am reading. It is obvious from your comments that you are probably in an area that is not affected by the ice. We have two buses at our school which services about 30 kids. The rest of the kids walk to school. Are you suggesting that the other 270 kids walk to school with layers of ice on sidewalks. Then sit in a classroom WITHOUT electricity. What about the students in Millington? Are you asking that they are driven to school of INCHES of ice? This is why kids are stupid now a days??? Obviously you are definitely not the problem with education (that is dripping in heavy sarcasm by the way). How dare you!!!! Perhaps you are speaking of your own children, but I KNOW you are not speaking of other children. Because you definitely sound VERY EDUCATED (again this is sarcasm). Perhaps your children would not have been so STUPID if they had been raised by someone with a little better sense.

  • Some Body

    Don’t forget fellow Memphians, the city may have been fine, but we are no longer city and county schools so you have to consider the entire county. The majority voted for consolidation, so this is what you get.

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