Power Outages Still A Problem

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(Memphis) MLGW crews continue to work to restore power to customers.

There was a high of 35,000 addresses without power but as of Tuesday afternoon, that was down to just over 12,000.

MLGW has requested help from other utility companies.

Entergy also reports a sharp drop in outages with its crews working hard to restore power.

Interstate issues in Arkansas may be hampering. I-55 is a parking lot from West Memphis to the Missouri border.

We found a twisted mess of trees and power lines in one north Memphis neighborhood Monday night.

It’s left a man with no power, and tree branches on his bathroom.

“The line fell and hit the ground. MLGW told me get an electrician and they’d come out, I call them this morning and they haven’t been out yet.”

“What’s your day been like?”

“It’s been awful crazy man. I got trees on my car.”

MLGW crews were across Frayser, trying to get to people not just in the dark but also the cold.

While most roads have improved, side streets especially have been left to chance. Some roads are practically solid sheets of ice, and then just blocks away, it’s clear.

Storm Restoration Updates:

  • · Currently, there are about 13,000 customers without power.
  • · MLGW has restored power to more than 62,000 customers.
  • · Downed trees weighed with ice and power lines are the primary cause of these outages; damage is spread across Shelby County with more damage occurring north of I-40, in the Raleigh/Frayser and Shelby Forrest areas.
  • · MLGW is estimating full restoration to take several days.
  • · MLGW crews are working 16-hour shifts in an effort to restore power.
  • · Nine mutual aid crews are currently assisting MLGW crews. Additional crews have been delayed due to icy road conditions in Missouri and Indiana.
  • · MLGW’s Customer Care Center at 544-6549 will also be open until 7 p.m. to assist customers.


  • magilla gorilla

    Meanwhile Fayette County has all its power on and the crews responded fast and got everything back in order quickly.


    • JustMe

      Outages weren’t as bad in Fayette County for one. For another, it’s not MLG&W doing the repairs. It’s Chickasaw Electric.

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