Man With Stab Wound Taken To Hospital From Church

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(Memphis) A man who had been stabbed was transported from a church to the MED.

At about 7:20 p.m., officers responded to Peace Lutheran Church, which is located at 1542 Jackson, and found the 20-year-old.

He is in critical condition.

One person has been detained, although no charges have been filed.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police don’t yet know if the stabbing happened at the church or another location.


    • Black on Black Crime

      Who will be shot or stabbed to death tomorrow? Memphis is a dangerous place to live or work. And Jackson Avenue is one of the most dangerous streets in Memphis.

      • Ms. Corene Black

        How do you know the victim and the stabber be black. Jackon Avenu are just as safe as the suberbs fool. Memphis be on the way back up. We are taking back our nehborhood in Frayser and it be safer now.
        and dont be haten on Frayser High nether.

      • mr.matt

        I be have a million dollar that say they be blck. you be taking back the nieghborhood but you be wasting you time cos those blck people be messing up everythang good in da wurld. there be no hope fo dis city nether(its niether btw)

  • Black on Black Crime

    Wash, Rinse, Dry, Wash, Rinse, Dry at least is crime is down. (Sarcasm) Just wait until it warms up…the shootings and stabbings will double.

  • Mr G

    Well true when it gets warm shootings and stabbings and probably go up preditctable but they mostly play the hand dealt to them and there black as stated per mr.matt well whites do that and on a grander scale don, t you think they have help hiding their true nature seen it for myself blacks afe in the open as usual and whites crimes.are kept low profile but they are there so we arw the same but no having backing we are profiled even more

    • polo solo6

      One never know what the future holds, who’s to say murders will be up in Memphis because so many devils would love for that to happen. If you’re afraid stay home online and keep b ishing about it. Don’t be a statistic, stay in when it warms up.

  • polo solo6

    Mr Matt we know you, you be Ms Corine Black. Come on Matt you can do better than that. Take it from Joe nem, they can talk about a Black Memphis Citizen bad, tax payer or not. They got so many different name for them, makes me wonder when they have time for important stuff. Now take your lessons on how to hate Black Memphians right here, Everyday.

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