Winter Weather Leads To Power Outages, Slick Roads

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(Memphis) We can't stress enough to take caution if you have to drive tonight or in the morning.

The roads may look clear, but if you're going 60 to 70 miles an hour and you hit a patch of ice, it will only end badly.

We found a twisted mess of trees and power lines in one north Memphis neighborhood tonight.

It's left a man with no power, and tree branches on his bathroom

"The line fell and hit the ground. MLGW told me get an electrician and they'd come out, I call them this morning and they haven't been out yet."

"What's your day been like?"

"It's been awful crazy man. I got trees on my car."

MLGW crews were across Frayser tonight, trying to get to people not just in the dark but also the cold.

While most roads have improved, side streets especially have been left to chance. Some roads are practically solid sheets of ice, and then just blocks away, it's clear.

"I look at this and think this road is worse than it is, then I'll look down the road and it's clear."


  • Ben

    Mr. Carter, you might want to proof read your news stories before sending them. “Power Lose”? Really? Try “Power Loss” next time. Just saying…..

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