Firefighters Battle Fire And Ice

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(WREG-TV) Monday night, Watkins Road was closed just north of Fite Road, while firefighters battled a house fire.

Because of the icy conditions, crews had to fight the fire from the street.

They had difficulty just getting their trucks to the scene.

"The engine did have a great deal of difficulty making its way up the driveway."

Neighbors watched as firefighters tackled the blaze in extreme conditions.

"The firemen...were falling trying to get the firehouse hooked up to the fire truck. There's so much ice."

"We have to use the fire. It's below freezing and we have to shoot (the water) on everything, including us, and that presents a lot of problems."

The house also held a lot of ammunition, creating even more problems.

No one was hurt.

And earlier Monday, a 100-year-old woman was rescued from her burning home by her grandson.

The Memphis Fire Department also reported several fires yesterday and today that were started by tree branches falling onto power lines.


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