Informed Sources: Police Clash

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UPDATE: On Friday, both men said this war of words was over and done.

(Memphis) Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong and union President Mike Williams aren't getting along, and a heated exchange this past week was apparently the final straw.

Director Armstrong wants Williams charged with violating administrative policy and thinks it’s time for union leadership to be put back on regular duty.

How do the Informed Sources think this is going to end?


  • Michael Conry

    Why are the media and public perception so blind on these issues
    Police union leader is disputing the crime rate as it pertains
    To the city administration stance to cut numerous jobs in the police force
    This city whether stats are up or down is in no postion to make cutbacks to the police force at this time
    And critizing the police union president for fighting this argruement
    And clouding the key issues by what the accuracy of the numbers are is absurd ….how many actually think crime is down enough to justify the cutbacks being argued ….don’t let this song and dance distract you from the points that really matter here

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