MPD/MPA War Of Words Concludes Peacefully

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(Memphis) The Memphis police director and union president spoke Friday evening and said cooler heads have prevailed in their war of the words.

President Mike Williams said his original comments were a "misunderstanding" and he didn't mean to impugn the integrity of Director Toney Armstrong, who said they must have a common accord.

The two men said there will be no lawsuits and no reassignments - everything is back to normal.

"We both have sat down, aired our differences, and going forward it's going to make our relationship stronger," Armstrong said.

It was anything but days ago, when Armstrong reassigned Williams from his assignment at the police union and ordered he and his staff return to the beat. Armstrong even threatened to charge him with violating police policy.

Williams took issue with the city's crime stats and a police department source said Williams believed Mayor A C Wharton took too big a role in running the department.

Williams threatened to sue the city if he and his staff didn't keep their posts, which they now have back.

"It's better to mend fences, that's what we're going to do, so we can go back to the business we're both tasked to do," said Williams.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Obvious Politic’s and Power at it’s best! I think once Tony Armstrong come to grips with the fact that crime is not down in Memphis, but his department is doing a good job clearing these cases as quickly as they can, he will make a much better police director. No matter how many police are put on our streets, you will never be able to eliminate crime, not just in this city, but in any city. Even though we have way too much crime in this city, I do believe they (the police) do a good job of catching the crooks. I do believe Mr. Williams numbers versus Director Armstrong numbers. Director Armstrong numbers are massaged to make Mayor Wharton look good in an effort to get him reelected. I believe the director has all the man power he needs to do his job, but he needs help on how to best utilize his people. The Mayor needs to get out of the police business and start to do what he was elected to do; we all know he isn’t doing well there.

  • Richard

    Why are Memphis Police Officers being paid to work for someone other than the city? If these guys want to work for the Union then the Union should be paying them NOT the citizens of Memphis. When they get paid to be police officers they should be police officers and NOT Union representation against the city.

  • tasmanian devil

    Good Job Mike Williams. Always speak the truth and you will prevail. Too many people do not understand the nature of the your job and are commenting on things they have no knowledge of. Your pay is as it should be, your officers know that and so does everyone with knowledge on the matter.

  • Kevin Lewis

    Just like I said in my earlier comment…An apology was needed to make this thing right. Williams is the President of the union, but he is still a Police Officer II, and Armstrong is The Director. Stay in your lane and protect the Officers pay and benefits and represent them when they are in trouble or have been wronged…you have no authority when it comes to day to day operations of the department. You must have read my comment and i just want you to know that it takes a big man to admit he was wrong.

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