Strike Team Comes to Memphis to Fix DMV Lines

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(Memphis) A special team called a 'strike team' is in Shelby County to work on long lines at Driver Service Centers.

Long lines continue three months after we first uncovered an audit that showed lines in Shelby County are the longest in the state.

"You spend your whole day here your lunch your dinner," customer Lucevia Greenwood said.

In rain and sleet, customers waited outside the center on Summer Avenue Friday afternoon.

In the same parking lot, state leaders met behind closed doors to tackle the wait time troubles.

Before the meeting, strike team member Linda Russell agreed to sit down to discuss her team plan.

Reese: “How can you cut down on wait times. What are things that you can accomplish?”

Russell: “This is what we are going to find out. We’re going to look at things that could be causing that to happen but we really won't know until we get on the ground and get a first real hard look."

Reese: “You have to come in with some sort of ideas as to what you think you can do?”

Russell: “Well we are going to talk and ask questions.”

Customers had plenty ideas. Adding personnel topped the list.

"For about the past two hours there have been three people working with all these people here," one customer said.

Reese: "Is that something that you plan on addressing or is there a money issue from the state where you can't fill those counters."

Russell: "That's really not something i know enough about to answer. we are just looking at the productivity and other issues that may affect our employees."

Customers also want the state to add new locations.

“That's not something I’m directly connected to,” she said.

Russell did say her strike team will be looking at where improvements can be made.

Her team tackled problems at centers in East Tennessee last month.

Reese: “What were you able to do there?“

Russell: “Not really, I think one thing specific, just customer service. We're just listening to the customers and our employees trying to do some things that we can to just. Simple things perhaps moving the furniture, some equipment changes.”

While Russell can’t say yet what they will do here.

Reese: “There’s no plan.”

Russell: “No. Every center is different.”

She's hopeful her team will drive down wait times that drive Shelby County customers mad.

"I’ll believe it when I see it," Sophia Gilmore said.

The strike team will start in the centers on Monday.


  • Skeptic

    It’s easy to reduce the lines. Do what the big stores do…if the lines are too long…ADD MORE CASHIERS!!! I wonder how many people work at the centers that are not helping customers? No more hiding in the back when its busy. Oops I forgot it’s a government job.

    • Magilla Gorilla

      You don’t shop at Wal mart do you? 3 cashiers, 30 people in each line, the other 37 empty.

  • Fed up tax payer

    No special team is needed to address this problem. Amounts to additional waste of tax dollars…Nothing specific was indicated as being accomplished in the East Tenn. issue…why should we expect anything different. The problem is obvious… additional and better trained personnel is the starting point.

    • polo solo6

      I agree that it don’t take a special team. Get rid of the unconcerned and slow movers, give the jobs to people that take pride in the job they do. Watch the tapes of a regular work week I bet that alone will show where the problems exist. Not just there but other places also and not just Government places. People have the worst attitudes on jobs where you deal with the public. Taking their time talking to coworkers and or on the phone, some can’t comprehend what it takes to do the job effectively or efficiently.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    What did we learn from the strike team, absolutely nothing? This is another example of money wasted; Strike Team, where did they come up with this one? As others have indicated the solution is simple, more staffing, but first train them in “customer service”. I really hate watching people being paid by our tax dollars who have no idea what they are doing; question, what are you going to do to address this situation, answer, that’s not really something I know or directly connected to. So what does she/they know?

  • kenneth allen sr.

    Here are some answers to fixing the problem….Hire more people or assign other employees to DMV… more centers 3 is not enough…sattelite stations for ID only…more online access printed copies may be allowed temporarally…pay fines online….

  • BeTaylor

    you can go to any police precient station and use the kiocsk machine and be out in 10 minutes. You must use an atm card to pay. It is open 24/7. I did it today. You get a temporary and get you license in about 2 weeks.

  • Monkey Killa

    What’s a trip is he is ramming it into the blacks and since he is half black y’all say give it too me harder cuz I will keep voting for you. Wake up and see what’s REAL.
    He is half white.

    • polo solo6

      You sound like you’re stuck on repeat or you’re trying to brain wash someone. It’s not working and Blacks have been rammed from the front, back, up, down, side to side. Catch up fellow this is a new day, in spite ofwhat you heard Blacks don’t need your input. Can I enlighten you on anything else

      • 1midtownmike

        The only input blacks need is white money, and they’re even ungrateful for that.

        Extortion can only go so far and blacks have taken it to the limit.

  • Adrienne Davis

    LOL I went today and gave up twice! The line was way too long at Shelby Drive and out the door down the side of the building at Summer.The securirty gaurd told me to get there early in the morning. Really???!!!

  • Really!?!

    I was inline last Friday at the summer location. I got there at 9am. When I wad finally 6th from the first desk, the woman went to lunch!!! For a whole hour nothing happened. In the cold weather those still outside had to stand out there knowing they would not get any further for an hour!! Really!?! I was there from 9am to 1:30 pm. I had to leave at 1:30 to go out of town. So I was there all that time with nothing accomplish. Beyond ridiculous. Oh btw, I was there for a permit. Can’t use a kiosk or a police station for that. No way around it. So I’ve got to go back, stand inline for hours AGAIN!! All that even though I have the form filled out already.

  • Danielle

    Everyone is complaining about the lines at the DMV. BUT, they are keeping the flag up at night with no light. Which is insulting. Do the citizens have to tape a flash light to the pole so that our American flag is illuminated during the night. Because the state is to cheap to pay for lighting.

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