Police Union Threatens Legal Action Against City

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(Memphis) The Memphis Police Association says it will seek legal action against the City of Memphis unless three officers are returned to the union office.

A letter was just sent to city attorney Herman Morris.

Yesterday, the head of the Memphis police union and two other union leaders were told  they must return to active police duty.

President Mike Williams as well as Essica Litthejohn and Jeff Herbison were told they will return to active duty.

According to Public Information Officer Sgt. Karen Rudolph, this “means they will be doing the job taxpayers pay them to do – serve the citizens and our community.”

The MPA however says three officers, paid by the city, have been assigned to the union office due to a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 1973.

Union members say the reassignment is due to Williams being publicly critical of Director Toney Armstrong.


  • R. E.

    How can an officer effectively represent other officers if that officer is weighing down a chair in a nice comfy office and not out on the streets among the actively working officers?? I am not exactly new to the criminal justice environment and know where my comments originate. If the city is paying these officers, they should be officers. If they want to sit their behinds in an office, let their pay come from the exorbitant union dues!!

  • MikeBarret

    Toney need to figure out he’s in the Big Boy Chair now this isn’t some episode of First 48. Now he has to be in charge of a department and take the bad with the good, without filing spurious charges on his own people and claiming things like the Constitution is something to hide behind. You find a police committing a CRIME then yes he needs to go to prison but speaking your mind is not a crime. If that how he feels he is free to go join Mr. Haslam and Mr. Cucumber over in the Nashville state level.

    • Brian

      Dangit, I always end up clicking the “report comment” button as I’m used to “Reply” being on the right on a forum I frequent. Sorry!

      Anyway, I agree completely. There was an article on another site yesterday re: Armstrong’s threat to bring “charges” against Williams. In the same breath that he was accusing Williams of undermining their efforts, he stated that his department has “met and exceeded citizen’s expectations.”

      That asinine mess out of his blowhole shows just how severe his case of rectal-cranial inversion seems to be. Armstrong should be the one “charged” for being so disconnected from reality. Whether or not Williams had a valid point (he did, IMO), and foolishness Williams could have come up with was immediately trumped by that brown matter coming from Armstrong. Get a grip, Chief!

  • KrisTie

    Karen Rudolph, a police officer, sits at 201 Poplar waiting for the director to tell her what to say. How is that a service to the taxpayers?

      • MikeBarret

        P.S. I don’t blame her for anything she’s just caught up in the politics. She has a job to do just like all of us.

      • FedUp Memphian

        I can blame Karen Randolph for what she says. She is a grown woman and a police officer. The Association Reps are trying to do their job too. Williams is fighting for the police men and women – Armstrong used to – Apparently he can’t handle the pressure of the truth so he has to play his ‘I’m in charge card’. He needs to grow up – there is enough turmoil within the department to stir up unnecessary drama. Ms. Rudolph and Director Armstrong need to remember where they came from.

  • Kevin Lewis

    The Director put out a report that crime is down signifying that his officers and the citizens of our city are effectively working together lower crime in our city. Williams disagrees…nothing wrong with that…but the way he voiced his disagreement was outside his scope with regard to the Chain-of-Command. There was a better way to address his concerns other than challenging his boss in the public eye. He has found out that his position is to represent the members of the Union (Uniformed Police Officer’s) and their concerns with regards to their contract or relationship with the city. He stepped over the line when he attacked the Director over a report that came from his Office with regards to the job the Officers and Citizen are doing to lower crime in our city. Mr. Williams was wrong.

  • italian

    This is the most corrupted police department in the country. Mr Armstrong is nothing but a low class thug and all of his officers are nothing but scum who deserve to be all prosecuted for police corruption.

  • italian

    This town will never get control of crime until you get rid of all the dirty cops especially Mr. Armstrong and company.

  • Joe Bo

    Soo is 3 or 4 officers on the streets of Memphis gonna make a difference? I support Armstrong, but he droped the ball on this one.

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