‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative Hits Close To Home For Some Memphians

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(Memphis) President Barack Obama is launching an initiative to give young black and Hispanic males a chance to make it in life.

My Brother's Keeper focuses on critical challenges and risk factors young men of color face everyday.

Charlie Caswell knows a thing or two about going down the wrong path.

"I'm from the streets," Caswell said. "I grew up in the projects here in Memphis. I dropped out of high school," he said.

Caswell never gave up. Instead, he set his eyes on the future.

The father of six is making a difference in the lives of young men with a program he runs, called The Rangeline Community Development Corporation.

The President's newest initiative, My Brother's Keeper, aims to help young black and Hispanic men succeed.

"We need to change the statistics, President Obama said when he announced the program on Thursday. "Not just for the sake of the young men and boys, but for the sake of America's future," he uttered.

Several groups across the country have answered the call to give money. They are expected to dish out a total of about $150 million for the program.

The money will fund everything from job opportunities to education and juvenile justice reform.

Tennessee State Representative Antonio "2 Shay" Parkinson said he hopes the effects of the initiative will be felt all of the way down to Memphis city streets.

"With the fact that these young African American men are more likely to be murdered, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to come out of school lacking proficiency in reading and comprehension," Parkinson said.

These are problems people like Caswell see everyday. They are the same problems behind why the president is trying so hard to hold on to his "brothers."

Click here to learn more about the 'My Brother's Keeper' initiative.


  • Mary

    Whites need not apply. They don’t have brothers.

    Look, no mention of Obamba”s drug use.

    Cherry picking the news is a prime example why the public distrust the news.media.

  • Rob

    That would be great,But blacks are no longer a minority! They have the same opportunity as everyone else but they are to busy blaming everybody else for their problems

  • Jesus Freak!

    One way to support the African American community? End abortion. Just 12% of our population in this country is black, and yet black babies make up 30% of all abortions. That’s the LARGEST form of racial injustice you or I have ever seen or heard of. It’s actually a genocide. Jesse Jackson even said so, before he sold out and became a Presidential candidate in 1984. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152011531993822&set=a.389296973821.166868.112984268821&type=1&theater

  • Hooligan

    black unemployment has skyrockted under this marxist pos oba’mao’ but blacks follow him anyway…like the pied piper he will do more harm than any klansman ever could and they will thank him for it…

    • Big Daddy

      Your name says everything about your mind. Be the change and stop crying about it. What are you doing to help?

  • Toby

    Meanwhile your coward leader draws lines in the sand and Putin makes him look like the little coward libturd that he is.

  • 1midtownmike

    Why would blacks or hispanics need preferential treatment if the exhibit at the Pink Palace says we’re all the same?

    I think the liberal whackos are probably confused.

  • smith

    It want make any difference you could give them the hole budget and still have to feed and cloth them , they are incompetent tree swingers.

  • snowbeastsareuglyandstink

    A bunch of cowards hiding behind a screen. You cowards run your nouth daily claiming this or that. These peopke try to do something and you snow monkey people still complain! You snow monkies ARE the problem PLUS you are dumb enough to badmouth the govt online .
    That proves you cave beasts aren’t to bright. You are traceabe dumbass

    • Magilla Gorilla

      OH no I exercised my first amendment right to criticize my leaders and government!!!

      If you dont like it move to China loser…..

      No one made a threat so shove it.

  • Observant citizen

    What a presidential legacy he will leave behind. A racist separatist bs program that excludes which therefore discriminates against the white youth of this nation and obamacare. Imagine if bush would have sunk 200 million into a program strictly for whites. The fires would still be burning. I see poor white children all the time with no decent housing, shoes, clothing or food to eat but this racist dirtbag has sent a clear message, screw them! Great job voting this one in youth of this country!

  • Monkey Killa

    What’s a trip is he is ramming it into the blacks and since he is half black y’all say give it too me harder cuz I will keep voting for you. Wake up and see what’s REAL.

  • Reah

    Shut up all ye white people, you bigots are on here daily complaining about blacks dont do this or that for their communities. Yet when something like this article pops up, you blow ten farts out your A-ole because nothing was offered to you. Thats the problem with you people you love to hate and always dealing with your ego issues of superiority. He is your President and there is nothing you can do. Lol!!!

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