Mitchell Student Charged In Fatal Crash

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(Memphis) The driver of a car that crashed, killing a Mitchell High student, has been charged.

Jashunda Reed, 18, was arrested and charged with Failure to Yield with Serious Injury/Death, Financial Responsibility, No Drivers License, and Reckless Driving.

The crash happened on Weaver, just north of Levi.

All three attend Mitchell High School and left the school campus Thursday morning.

A bond of $100 was set for Reed.

Vince Higgins with the District Attorney's office said Reed would have had to have been under the influence or intentionally cause the crash to receive a harsher charge, like vehicular homicide.

Laquisha Lipsey’s mother said her daughter was heading to lunch with friends when their car crashed into a pole killing Laquisha.

Lipsey’s mom said when she kissed her daughter Thursday morning, she never imagine it would be for the last time.

“She always kept us laughing,” Matrina Lipsey said about her daughter. “She was crazy. I love her to death.”

The death of Laquisha has shaken her family to the core.

“She will be very missed by me,” Lipsey said.

A man who was dropping off his sister at the school just before 10 a.m. said he remembers seeing the same car near the school and said it just missed his car.

Police say the accident happened at about 10:30 a.m.

The school district wouldn't comment on this particular case, but said students are not allowed to leave campus without being signed out by a parent.

Word spread quickly around the school about what happened, and grief counselors were brought in to comfort students.


  • The Baker Family

    Emotional shock can make a person do just about anything. Although I believe that the driver and the other passenger should be punished; I don’t believe it should be to this degree. My heart goes out to the family of the victim, and the family of the other two children as well. I wish the police would find out who the boys are who left the the scene as well. No matter what, each family needs a lot of support and prayer right now.

    • Sherri

      To what degree do you think she should be punished for taking a life due to her reckless behavior…She shouldn’t have even been driving with no driver’s license or insurance. She’s 18… we need to start holding people responsible for their actions.

  • sue

    nNot being ugly but didn’t the drivers parents know she didn’t have a drivers license OR insurance? Why was she given a vehicle to drive without the proper documents to operate it? Her parents should be held responsible as well. So sorry for the life of this young lady.

  • Janice

    The boy got off in TX after an “affluence” defense. He maimed several and killed others. Why should this young lady be punished?

    • MikeBarret

      Because she isn’t affluent! Here in the land of the free we put poor people into debtors prison and the rich people go off to the country club.

      • polo solo6

        It’s called Country Club Justice. My prayers to all involved, they all mades some bad choices and these are the consequences. I don’t believe she intended to cause the accident or kill her friend, the $100 seems fair if she has never been in trouble.

  • Dorothy Arquitt

    The first story said the driver was in critical condition also, has she improved enough to be charged? I feel for the family but how do you charge someone in this condition with this. Yes she was in the wrong but give her and her family time to take in what has happened.

  • Me

    Ok Janice so they let her off without punishment because the other guy got off; she drives again and kills YOUR child/relative. Would you think she should be let off then too??

  • grayhawk

    Why were this grown lady still attending High School has she flunk before now she has cause more problem for other instead of taking like serious.
    May God heal them all.

  • Huge Peter

    Terrie and everyone else. Don’t you think the young girl is paying enough by what happened? It’s not my child or any relation to her so you know. We are were kids being dumb. No reason in the world for her to get arrested. Somebody is always trying to punish somebody for something. I think the driver will punish herself enough the rest of her life. Even though it’s very sad what has happened. The young lady is hopefully with Jesus.

  • beejennings

    May god blessed this child we all make mistakes ! She was just in the wrong place at the wrong times they both supposed to been on campus at tbr time of the accident! When you do wrong WRONG sure will follow you

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