Is A Gun Safe The Key To Stolen Walmart Rifles?

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(Memphis) An utter lack of security could be the reason nine guns, called ‘assault rifles’ by the Memphis Police Department, were stolen from a Walmart store.

The first theft happened January 27 when two rifles were stolen.

February 11, a total of six ‘assault’ rifles and a ,22 Long Rifle were taken.

According to a police report on the second theft, “…a gun safe was purchased before the weapons was stolen and the gun case keys were stuck to the back of the safe accidental. The keys have not been returned.”

That’s right, according to the police report, the keys to the store’s gun safe.

The theory by some is the keys were used to get the guns.

Stolen were:

Colt M4 Carbine (3)

DPM Panther Arms A-5

Sigsauer 522

Bushmaster XM15-e2s

Sigsauer Sigm400

Right now, guns and ammunition are off store shelves at the Walmart at 577 S. Germantown Parkway but can be bought after speaking with a manager.

Police believe at least four males and one female were involved in the two thefts.

It’s not clear why it took so long to know find out about the January 27 theft.


  • Terrance Strohkirch

    Assault rifles cannot be owned by the public. So Why are they being called assault rifles and being sold at Walmarts?

      • MikeBarret

        George I mean no offense. You report what Toney and his people report. I get it. Maybe you could have a reporter ask Toney how he defines ASSAULT RIFLE, then again maybe he would sue you.

      • George Brown

        We would have loved to ask him but MPD would not comment or make him available. I totally understand the concern for labeling and perceptions created.

      • Rooster

        From the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary for Assault Rifle :

        Military firearm that is chambered for ammunition of reduced size or propellant charge and has the CAPACITY TO SWITCH BETWEEN SEMI-AUTOMATIC AND FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE.

  • Skeptic

    Wal-mart should have the Federal Firearms License pulled. Those guns were not secure. Keys left on the safe….how can you be that stupid?? Its not a safe, is a cabinet. Was it even locked?? Why didn’t the sensors at the doors go off?? This was an inside job by all accounts.

    • MikeBarret

      Maybe an inside job maybe not. Walmart has so many cameras it’s not even funny. They have the most respected loss prevention in retail. They catch and prosecute their own employees for grabbing a bag of doritos and taking it into the breakroom. They have pics and video of whoever is responsible and they WILL get caught (don’t steal from a Walmart dumb dorks) They don’t need their FFL pulled. This will get solved a lot faster than the jewelry store heist. Walmart is NOT a place to steal from.

    • JustMe

      Pretty much has to be an inside job. Access to the keys is the responsibility of the sporting goods manager on duty. They have the only set besides the store general manager. The keys are supposed to be locked up when the sporting goods dept is closed.

  • Magilla Gorilla

    No, the “key” is ghetto rats can’t be trusted anywhere there is a business…..that’s the reason everything is locked in a cage, detectors everywhere, no self-checkout lines in the ghetto…

    Can’t be trusted because their culture encourages entitlement and crime.

  • Huge Peter

    Memphis monkey police. Look what you are dealing with. A bunch of monkeys that explains it. The dumbest race on earth.

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