Good Samaritan Stabbed To Death While Looking Out For Neighbors

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(Corinth, MS) A man died trying to help his neighbors.

Greg Scott went outside his Corinth, Miss., home Thursday morning after hearing noises.

Police said he confronted a man damaging the vehicles of his next door neighbor's and was stabbed to death.

Greg Scott is being remembered as a husband, father and one of the good guys and the man who admitted to killing him is behind bars.

"It says in the scripture, 'greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for a friend.' I tell you what...he laid his life down," said Lance Gargus.

Gargus was Greg Scott's neighbor and friend for 18 years.

He was emotional Friday,  talking about the husband and father, who was stabbed to death early Thursday morning.

Police said 59-year old Jerry Miller is the one who did it.

"You couldn't ask for a better man than him to watch my house when people try to mess with our houses, or anything in this neighborhood. Greg was always the first one to confront them," said Lance Gargus.

Corinth Police Captain Ralph Dance said it all started after Greg Scott heard noises coming from the driveway of the house next door, where two young women live.

Capt. Dance said Greg Scott confronted Miller, who had used a large stone to damage the two vehicles.

Miller was also armed with a large knife.

"At some point in time he stabbed the victim one time in the chest. The victim then stumbled back to his residence where he collapsed in his kitchen," said Capt. Ralph Dance.

Jerry Miller lives on the next street over from where Scott lives and police said Scott and the two young women knew Miller.

When Miller was arrested he admitted stabbing Scott and showed police where the knife was.

Captain Dance said investigators uncovered some other disturbing information about Jerry Miller.

"He had made some advances toward one of these young girls in the past. We believe he may have had some infatuation with them. And he went up there with the intent of luring them outside," said Dance.

Dance says Greg Scott was a good Samaritan just trying to look out for his neighbors.

And Lance Gargus, who moved to Corinth from Memphis, said the North Mississippi city just isn't the same as it used to be.

"This was a farm community, people waved to each other and were friendly and good Christian people. But it's changed so much," said Gargus.

Jerry Miller is charged with murder and felony mischief.

He was scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon.


    • Cheryl Marty

      Exactly, I don’t understand why people try to protect property or lives without being armed. This chic has learned these people are damm crazy anymore and will kill you for a cell phone. Better them that some good guy just trying to look out for others, Bless his soul..

  • mike

    This man gave his life to protect the two girls and one had a 7 month old baby in the house the man wanted to protect them praise god he was there.

  • polo solo6

    Prayers to the family and satan has his soldiers to, the man that did this and the haters that post here on a daily basis. It not up for Debate everyone should know the difference between right and wrong, you don’t have to believe.

  • Zoe

    Greg was a great guy & friend of ours. He died a hero. The man that killed him was armed with a knife & I believe that he had every intention of doing harm or worse to the residents of the house he was harassing. Miss you Greg

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