Mitchell High School Student Killed In Car Crash

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(Memphis) A Mitchell High School student was killed in a one-vehicle accident about a mile from the school Thursday morning.

It happened on Weaver, just north of Levi.

The driver and another passenger also go Mitchell.

All three had for some reason left the school campus Thursday morning.

A man who was dropping off his sister at the school just before 10 a.m. said he remembers seeing the same car near the school and said it just missed his car.

Police say the accident happened at about 10:30 a.m.

The school district wouldn’t comment on this particular case, but said students are not allowed to leave campus without being signed out by a parent.

Police have not released the name of the girl killed in the crash, but other students said she was a senior.

Word spread quickly around the school about what happened, and grief counselors were brought in to comfort students.

“Everyone broke down crying. My classroom was quiet,” said Kharia Robinson.

Kharia Robinson said she was in ROTC with the girl.

Kharia’s sister also knew the girl and can’t believe she’s gone.

“She was really loved that is why everyone is affected because like she was a really cool person, ” said Keirney Robinson.

The driver of the vehicle was also taken to the hospital.

The other passenger was not hurt.

The name of the girl who died has not been released.

Police say it’s not known if the driver will be facing any charges.


    • JayH

      You kidding? This stuff always happens. Does anyone remember all the deaths at Houston High, nearly 20 years ago. 3 kids died per week almost. At least 10 went off the old bridge on Houston levee.

  • Brenda Bernstein

    Ran from the scene. Why? I hope you are charged! Someone died dummy! You didn’t try and help them? Young people are crazy.

  • Sportzfanz

    Young people are not crazy !!! The human brain is not completely formed
    until age 25! I’m sure running away was because of the shock of the wreck!
    Don’t be so fast to throw punches!

  • JeDarrius braxton

    You can’t always say we are crazy because we are young because once upon a time you did thing just as crazy it just they didn’t end the same

    • Cherrie

      Not to call anyone crazy, however, when I was young at that age while riding in a car, you didn’t do stuff like that. My parents taught us the value of life and what can happen when you’re not careful in vehicles. These are not toys and one must keep focus on driving at all times. The article didn’t say whether the driver was killed or hurt, but either way the driver will still need to be able to control the car.

    • R

      Could you not complete the spelling of “GOD”? How disrespectful !!! No wonder so many kids are out there ruining their lives. Even the “adults” are so afraid of “political correctness”, they decide not to allow the presence of GOD in their own conversations. SAD !!

      • Marybelle

        R- Please read this reply carefully.

        “In awe of the name of G-d, and in recognition that HIS name may possibly be erased or discarded (which is strictly forbidden by Jewish Law), our custom is not to complete the word G-d

        Rabbi Solomon from his book, EREV RAV


      • 1midtownmike

        GOD….there, I spelled it out.

        Me and the Big Guy Upstairs were just talking and He did not have any problem with how I addressed him, as long as it was spiritual instead of religious. He also told me a joke about Jesus playing a round of golf and walking on water a shot was hooked to the left of a sandtrap.

        Peace be with you, Marybelle.

    • Cherrie

      Chris, when did she say that and what was she referencing to? My mom used to called boys from the neighborhood that same thing when they wouldn’t come in from the pastor to eat their dinner. How cute.

      • Cherrie

        This message is to my self. I meant Pasture, not Pastor. I must have preaching on my mind. Nothing wrong with that though. Having the Good Word on your mind is good. Better that than having an idle mind where the devil could dwell.

  • Sportzfanz

    Marybelle, thank you for the support. Yes, much comfort is needed here!
    I really feel for these kids; their lives are forever changed.

  • LS

    Wow, that is not the smartest comment at all. Race has nothing to do with this accident. They are kids and made a mistake. I wonder why they weren’t in school at the time of the accident. God bless them, their families and loved ones.

    • Tasha Kelly

      They were having lunch at that time & went up the street for pizza like they did everyday.May her soul RIP & I hope that her loved ones find comfort at this difficult time.

  • Brenda Bernstein

    With all due respect you sound crazy!!! Do you even realize how stupid that sounds? No wonder Memphis is now a sesspool. MCS product.

  • Beautifulmuziq73

    @Brenda Bernstein stupidity knows no bounds, & you display an incredible amount of it! A child’s life was lost, & several other lives will forever be affected by that loss. Instead of offering condolences, all you have to offer is judgement. Well I’m thanking God for the lives that were spared, & praying for the family & friends of the deceased & injured. As for you Ms.Bernstein, I thank God that he never takes vacation days & leaves the likes of your ignorant behind in charge. You’re too eager to be, judge, jury & executioner. Shame on you!

  • Savage of memphis

    That’s very unfortunate for them. Another young life is gone. I pray for her family. But let this be a lesson to all of the young people; you can’t be immature and drive. You can’t be an immature driver. What they were trying to do was childish. If you are not ready to drive, don’t drive. It was a dangerous stunt period. YOU DON’T PLAY WITH CARS!

  • Sportzfanz

    R – how do you know not a typo or some other reason besides what you
    claim??? You and the high school drop out Brenda go together! What
    a pair!

  • Crazy Brenda B.

    Fine. No accountability and you wonder why urban Memphis is in the shape it is in.
    My condolences to the family.
    I would hate to have friends who caused my hurt to run off and leave me.
    Have a Good day my wonderful christian people.
    Urban Memphis will NEVER come out of it’s current situation.

    This is a NEWS site last I checked. It is open for comments. Excuses, excuses.

  • India Smith

    Some people are stupid use the race card yeap i think u are crazy them are someones kids that was hurt but they aint running around shooting up school of kids people please think before u post .them kids stay right down the street from me and went to school withy 18 year old son and the girl that died uncle cut my husband and younger son hair my prayers goes out to the family.

  • Jennifer Hicks

    So sad smh my sister just got killed in a car crash last weekend poor babies R.I.P sweetheart whoever you are am so sad other young soul is gone but i know you are in a better place

  • KC

    Am I missing something? Why were they not in school at the time?? I’m a Mitchell Alumni and hate to see that this happened but to agree with Cherrie….at that “young” age I was responsible with a car that I didn’t drive wreckless next to another car and I had enough sense to not leave the scene of a crime. That wasn’t shock but fear for consequences. God be with all the families involved.

  • Candace

    The girl that died happens to have been one of my close friends. She DIED! And all y’all can do is focus on peoples’ comments. Whether someone believes in GOD or not shouldn’t matter in a situation like this. Apparently y’all are the “knuckleheads” show more respect than that.

  • Huge Peter

    Brenda you get talked about by everyone about being messed up. On another note it is very sad for this young lady and her family.

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