Mother Honors Life Of Daughter Killed In Crash

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(Memphis) A mother says her life changed forever after a phone call that her daughter died in a car crash.

It's a tragic reminder of why Shelby County Schools has a policy against going off campus for lunch.

Laquisha Lipsey's mom says her daughter was heading to lunch with friends when their car crashed into a pole.

Laquisha was killed, and the driver was critically injured.

Lipsey’s mom said when she kissed her daughter Thursday morning, she never imagine it would be for the last time.

“She always kept us laughing,” Matrina Lipsey said about her daughter. “She was crazy. I love her to death.”

The death of Laquisha has shaken her family to the core.

“She will be very missed by me,” Lipsey said.

A young woman full of life and a future, killed in an instant on Weaver Road Thursday morning.

Her mother says she was in a car heading to lunch when the driver lost control and hit a light pole.

Laquisha died instantly.

“It just stung everybody,” she said. “When everybody got the call, it just stung.”

Laquisha was a senior at Mitchell High School and was an honor roll student.

“They always used to say she was built up like me she was my twin,” her mom said. “It was her last year in school.”

After graduation, she planned on going to beauty school.

Now she leaves behind a brother and little sister.

“Her little sister treated her like it was her mom,” Lipsey said. “She took it hard. She’s only 7.”

Hearts shattered in an instant.

“The last time we talked you were coming to my house. Now you will be home in my heart,” one of her aunts said.

With more than a dozen family members together Thursday night, they leaned on each other and shared a message for Laquisha tonight.

“Rest in peace baby we love you,” Lipsey said. “You know your mom loves you always.”

“You're gone but never will be forgotten,” Tina Fleming said.


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