Mistake Will Postpone DeSoto County Jail Expansion

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(DeSoto County) A big mistake means plans to expand the DeSoto County Jail are on hold.

The county administration office broke the law, so now, finding a place to put the real criminals is going to take a little longer.

DeSoto County hopes to add 264 beds by expanding its jail, but after a mistake by the county administration office, the number being added is zero for now.

County Administrator Vanessa Lynchard said, "We feel like our system is really a good system, but in this case it failed."

State law requires the county to advertise projects in a local newspaper for a certain period of time before any contract can be signed.

Lynchard said an e-mail containing the ad was supposed to be sent to the paper, but never was.

"[It was] just an e-mail that did not send. It looks like it was just a clerical issue," she said.

Since the ad never actually made it into the newspaper, the bid process will have to start all over again.

That is bad news, not only for Sheriff Bill Rasco, who said the last thing the project needs is a delay, but also for the company who would have been awarded the contract, Flintco.

The division president told WREG he is extremely disappointed, even though a signed deal was never in place.

Lynchard calls it an unfortunate accident.

"We do 40 bids a year. We've been doing them for years and years and years. We've never had this happen."

It is an accident that will also postpone other bid projects, like the expansion of the sheriff's administration building.

On Monday, the county will have to get the board of supervisors to approve rejecting the bids. Then the whole process will start again.

Flintco tells WREG they are not sure they will continue to pursue the jail expansion project.


  • BamBam84

    Soooo, they broke the law, but since they are “in charge” of things, it’s just written off as an accident? Smh.

  • bailbondsmanmichigan

    And that expansion will be paid for by whom? Ah, yes. Those who work hard and produce. We don’t need anymore jails. They need to implement restitution for criminals, as well as, indentured servanthood to deal with those who truly have committed a crime. A crime has a victime, so in this case, we are not speaking of drug users, jay walking, no licenses, etc.

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