$225 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Galilee Memorial Gardens

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(Memphis) A $225 million lawsuit has been filed against the cemetery whose owner is accused of stacking bodies in graves.

Galilee Memorial Gardens and several funeral homes are named in the suit, which was filed in Shelby County by Nahon, Saharovich and Trotz.

The complaint alleges "the abuse, desecration and unconscionable mishandling of the human remains of the deceased family members of potentially hundreds of Tennessee residents."

Jemar Lambert, the owner of Galilee Memorial Gardens, was denied bond Friday.

Documents show the cemetery appears to have run out of room, so bulldozers were driven over caskets to crush them and fit multiple people into one five-foot-deep grave.

Another lawsuit filed in Chancery Court by families with loved ones buried at Galilee seeks up to $100 million in damages.

The lawsuit reads, “Every funeral home that did business with Galilee after December 1, 2010, knew or should have known that this cemetery was not a proper and lawful agent for the burial of human remains.”

That lawsuit also states N.J. Ford and Sons and M.J. Edwards and Sons funeral homes played a part in the problems.

Lambert’s next court date is April 4th.


  • Sad

    How inconsiderate WILL to say something like that. You should be very ashamed of yourself, your Mother would/should be very disappointed in you!!!

    • Magilla Gorilla

      To say what, it’s a $225 million ghetto lotto grab, the people are dead, get over it…no one was killed or shot, so all this amounts to is a bunch of people trying to get paid.

  • Peter

    Y’all are making my inside hurt from laughing so hard. Magilla when I need a laugh I time in too wreg funnies. Ghetto Lottary Grab is right. Oh gosh I can’t quit laughing.

  • Joanna

    really! do these people think this man has money to pay out for damages? To me he was robbing graves to meet his luxurious life style. so good luck to you. I would just want to know where my family members body was and ask for a proper burial in another cemetary. That would be the decent thing to do, instead of asking for a payout.

  • Angela Agnew

    I don’t think this is funny yes true the man doesn’t have money to pay the families it’s all about morals. I can’t even go visit our mother because we don’t even know where her remains are. Yes they are dead and we all will be one day. You can’t speak on the matter if it hasn’t happened to you all. Just rude and mean with no heart towards the families that this matter has affected…It’s not about the money because we all know that no one is going to see any of the funds it’s going to go to all the greedy lawyers. If anyone see any money it will be a dollar per family Memphis, Tn is a sad sad place to live and do business everybody is greedy and all of for themselves. Just selfish and people are all out for themselves only. When our family tried to report this matter in 2001 when the mother and the father were running the grave site no one would listen now it’s all over the news. What makes one or more families even entitled to any funds. If the state isn’t going to pay what is the point of the lawsuit and what merits are these lawyers even going on the whole thing sounds stupid as ever….

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